The right dog collar will fit properly and express a pet's personality with flair. Most pets need to wear identification and walk on leashes for at least part of their lives. Properly fitted accessories make both of these needs easier to accomplish. Creative expression is an added bonus. Pet owners can choose from a wide range of styles and themes that go far beyond any practical considerations.

Prong CollarDog collars have many different features, from plain to fancy. Some are made of leather, while others are constructed from synthetic fabrics. Synthetics like nylon can be woven to be stronger and easier to clean. Many times, an animal's activity level and size will determine the best options. For everyday use, a choke chain may be unnecessary. However, medium and large breeds that tend to bolt may need more control than a fabric or leather band can offer. Smaller pets often have chokers or necklaces that act as decoration rather than a tool for control. All domestic canines need something to wear that will help identify them and keep them safe from harm. In most locations this is more than desirable, it is a legal requirement.

Fancy Dog CollarA good dog collar fits well. Always check the tightness of the band to be sure that it is appropriate for the animal's neck. In general, it is a good idea to allow room for at least two fingers to fit between the neckband and skin. Puppies and juveniles grow quickly, so check the tightness often to keep a healthy fit. Quickly replace the fabric or leather as soon as it shows signs of wear. Ill-fitting or damaged restraints make walks more challenging than necessary; so be sure to keep an eye out for these things.

Whether choosing a fancy dog collar or a practical one, several tips may come in handy. Short haired coats tend to do better with flatter, woven bands. Longer coats can do well with rounded styles. Matching the type of neckband correctly is important because large animals can break through restraints that areSpiked Nylon Dog Collar more lightweight. Smaller animals may feel weighed down while wearing styles that are very heavy or wide. Take into account budget limitations as well. Determine the best device for the purpose, then do research and make price comparisons. It is often possible to find even the most elegant styles for a lower price, with careful shopping.

Choosing the correct fit and style is much easier when these guidelines are kept in mind. Since all pets need identification and a means of control, the right restraining device is very important. It is also nice to have one that is attractive. These tips and tricks will help all owners choose the right dog collar with confidence.