Looking for great gift ideas for your wife or spouse? You may be surprised to know that they're giving you all types of hints and ideas. Are you picking up on them?

Sometimes you'll need to be sneaking when searching for information about what your spouse would like for a gift, but if you do it right, you can get great ideas. Think about all the times you're out in public together, hopefully that's a lot. If not… well, we'll have some ideas for that too.

ShoppingWhen you're out together, try making comments about things you see or experience, and listen to the answers. There are valuable hints and lessons in what your spouse is saying that will give you ideas into what they would like as a gift. For example, if you're our shopping and happen to be looking at furniture, and you get a feel that they like more antique styles, then you can apply that later to gift ideas such as jewelry boxes. Or, if you're thinking of a jewelry box as a gift, look around their room and see what type of styles or décor they like; black or leather? Maybe leather jewelry boxes are more their style. The point is the're giving you hints all the time. Ask friends and family for shopping tips or even visit your local jewelry shop for tips on jewelry box shopping.

Personally, I carry an iPhone and love keeping little notes in it anytime my wife throws out some information I think might help me when gift shopping for her. That way I always have a list of ideas when it's her birthday, Christmas, or just any special occasion.

As for clothes shopping, that's a little more difficult. For one, you'll need to know her size, which you can find from looking at her current wardrobe. Pajamas are a great idea and a few years ago I noticed my wife needed some pajamas. Plus, I remember her mentioning when we were out shopping how much she loved the feel of fleece against her skin. So I purchased her some fleece pajamas which she loved and wears every night!

Another great idea can be to simply search online for gift ideas. Try doing something different or unique that you put some thought and time into. For example, there are sites on the internet where you can create your own crossword puzzle. Put together a list of special times you share together and places you've been on trips. Take that information and make a special crossword puzzle out of it. That's unique and shows you put some real time and effort into it.

No matter what you choose as a gift, if you put some time and thought into it, you can't go wrong. And one more tip, don't just wait for a birthday or Christmas, give a special gift to someone just because they're special.

Oh, and for those of you who I mentioned may not get out in public much… try using the same techniques when watching TV. Ask her/him what they thought about a particular blouse you saw or type of furniture. Although it might be hard to be sneaky if you've never asked these types of questions before, but there's nothing wrong with starting today.