One of the more popular and visually interesting purses you'll find on today's market is the hobo design. A hobo purse is known for its distinctive loose frame and U-curve into the wide-set handles. While they don't provide the support a harder-framed product would, many people prefer the softer body both for looks and carrying.

Not everyone can get what they need from the usual sizes of purses. However, the market currently presents many exceptionally large and small sizes as well. One can enjoy a frivolous and colorful mini-purse, or a large formal handbag. The latter, quite obviously, are for those who can pay a bit more for more storage, while the former is for those who just need a little something to carry small things around in.

Don't let yourself be confused by the French baguette purse. These handbags are merely particularly long and thin purses, with the title being reminiscent of a loaf of bread. Just because the word is in French doesn't make the purse type any more or less valuable, it's simply a description of shape.

If you prefer purses that are more compact, the bowling purse is a good selection. With smaller bags that tend towards roughly circular or square shapes, they hold less but keep the weight less broadly spread out. The visual effect is somewhat old-fashioned and nostalgic, and may appeal for those reasons.

Central to the purse industry is the evening handbag, oriented towards high-class social events. Their design deliberately focuses viewers towards the beautiful bags while minimizing the visual role of the handles and straps. This can sometimes result in a compromise of carrying integrity, and so you should be careful to know what the handles for any particular formal purse can carry before you buy one.

You may not think about the handles much when shopping for purses, but how they're attached to the product is essential to the design. Longer purses require less centered handles, while shorter ones need handles closer to center. A purse with its bag mismatched to its handles will often fall apart sooner than you'd think, so remember this when you browse.

**Ladies' leather purses** and other handbags can be bought in so many places you may find it hard to find a store without them. But don't just go out and buy the first nice one you see, if you want a good price. It's important to look at diverse retailers both online and on the street. While many brands may be exclusive to particular outlets, there are so many products out there that you can easily find similar ones for less money.

As with skirts and **silk blouses for women**, the purse industry is one of fashion and therefore wildly-varying prices. If you want a purse that looks good without being too expensive, you can easily find one. And you can even find purses that are extraordinarily cheap without looking awful, for less than ten dollars gone from your wallet. But there are also the more exclusive hundred dollar on up brands. Remember that at the end of the day, a purse is a purse, and the money you spend will reflect on the fashion, not the carrying ability.