Finding The Right Snowmobile Cover: The Whole Point

Congratulations on your new snowmobile, or at least your decision to trash your old sled cover and spring for a new one. Your move to protect your ride from the elements will stand you in good stead when you pull off that cover this winter and she looks at you expectantly with a gleam in her headlight. The main criterion guiding your choice of cover, whether generic, custom-fit, or manufacturer-made, should be the adequate care of your sled.

The Right Snowmobile Cover: Knowing What You Need

If you have a pretty good idea whether you want a cover just for storage or if it needs to be able to protect your sled when you're trailering it as well, then it's probably easier to narrow down to that one perfect second skin for your machine. Covers are often need-specific, so won't work for another purpose, so it's often a good first step.

Finding Generic Snowmobile Covers:

As the name might suggest, generic covers fall into a one-size-fits-all category. They're fine for when you want to protect a parked sled from bombardier birds, trees that drool, harsh sunlight or slushy rain. But try them for a while when taking your snowmobile for long drives on the trailer and you'll see that the wind vibration wears them out so often that it might actually make sense to pay more money for a snug-fitting one that has brand-power behind it. The generic ones also don't have a very high UV rating, and can fade pretty fast. If you're sled is going to be spending a lot of time in the sun, even in storage, then it's to be expected. You can get one at any major discount house like Sam's Club. They call it a Full-Fit Snowmobile cover, and it comes in medium, large and XL.

Finding Custom-Made Snowmobile Covers

Another option, if you don't want to go to the snowmobile manufacturer, is to check out some branded generics, such as Guardian, made by DOWCO or Minnesota Skinz, manufactured by Skinz Protective Gear. Guardian has custom-made covers for certain models of snowmobile. They come in a dazzling range of colors made famous by Henry Ford – any color as long as it's black. There's also a cool zippered access flap over the fuel tank so you can re-fuel on the go without having to remove the whole cover. Since they are custom-fit, they offer adequate protection from wind abrasion, tar, rocks and road salt. You can get these are Dowcopowersports dot com for about $70 to $115 for most sleds, including Ski-Doo, Yamaha, Arctic Cat and most models of Polaris.

Finding Custom-Made Premium Snowmobile Covers

Skinz offers a one-of-a-kind stretchable, waterproof cover. The driving design idea behind this cover is to keep your sled clean no matter what kind of terrain you're trailering it through, and the makers claim that it will do just that. They also prepare you for the first time you put it on, saying that once you get through hard-stretching them past the bumpers and bars, they'll "settle in to fit". They also say that the tight fit is exactly what makes this so suitable for trailering your snowmobile. It comes in short and long track sizes, with the changeover point being 118 inches. It's a great product, and great products don't come cheap – your wallet gets lighter by about $300 including shipping.

Snowmobile Covers From Above: The Maker's Design

Your last option (or first for some) will be to buy directly from your sled's manufacturer. The advantages are many, some obvious. Because the manufacturer has information that others aren't privy to, the cover design and specs are perfectly suited to your particular model. Moreover, you won't really be paying a huge amount for customization. For example, you can get a Polaris Premium Polyester cover for about $220, and that's about their most expensive one.

The Right Snowmobile Cover: Filling The Need

No matter what snowmobile cover you buy, remember that the main thing is the protection of your sled in both conditions – stored and trailered. Your budget might guide you towards one type of cover rather than the other, but in the end the decision should be made by how safe you want your snowmobile to be.