Everyone has insurance. They have car insurance while they are driving. They have homeowners insurance when they purchase a home. So it makes sense that students have student home insurance to cover their personal belongings during their educational period. This insurance can be complete and cover a myriad of personal belongings, or only cover particular items, depending on what you finance.

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While you live on or near campus it is important to keep your personal items insured. Universities are accepting larger rates of students which have forced them to expand their campus housing. In many instances the expansion of campus housing can only go up so far and has been forced to move outward into less safe towns and cities. With higher crime rates in particular areas of student housing, some students are moving off campus. However, as a tenant your landlord does have insurance to cover their items, but that insurance does not protect against personal items within your home. If, for instance, your grandmother bestowed upon you an old ring, worth a large sum, and it is stolen during a break in, the insurance from the landlord will only cover the broken window or door but not the ring. This is where student home insurance is most useful.

Why Keep It?

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If you are studying away from your home or you are staying in a student residence you need student home insurance in order to keep your valuable safe while you study. It can be a distraction if you are conflicted between staying at the library to study for an exam and rushing back to your flat to protect your electronics.

What It Offers

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Having student home insurance is the same as homeowners insurance in theory. Instead of being the one in four students who are victims to crime during your educational stay, you can enjoy security knowing that your valuable and personal possessions are covered from theft with student home insurance.



Another aspect of student home insurance coverage is damage to or loss of your personal possessions if the case of water leak from pipes or tanks. This is especially useful for students who have large quantities of electronics. Landlords’ contents can also be insured, making student home insurance the perfect cover should a friend stay too late and accidentally break a component of the flat. Another great aspect is flood damage and storm damage, bringing you peace of mind during long winter months and long winter nights. You can also assume legal liability coverage as part of your insurance.


Living in student accommodations should be a fun and enjoyable time, but with student housing stretching further and further into areas with higher crime rates, students have a higher chance of being victims to crime on or off campus. No matter where you are living it is important now more than ever to get student home insurance and protect your assets. As a student, your possessions are more valuable given heightened technologies and protecting them is worth the investment.