Findng the best immigration lawyer in Houston, TX is essential for obtaining the proper visa to fit your needs. There are almost two hundred varieties of visas issued by the United States government and the right Houston Immigration attorney can be invaluable in determining and obtaining the correct document. Even the forms and proceedings can complicate the process further and can make the whole thing seem daunting to even the most well informed immigrant.


Even foreign workers with a multinational company at their side can benefit from the use of one of the immigration attorneys in Houston, TX. There are hundreds of such attorneys in Harris and the surrounding counties but finding the best immigration lawyer in Houston, TX can make all the difference in successfully navigating the complicated seas of the legal immigration process.


Types of Visas

As mentioned the U. S. government issues close to two hundred different types of visa. They are divided into two broad categories; immigrant and non-immigrant. To be clear, a non-immigrant person is one who will  come to the United States for a certain period of time for a certain reason. An immigrant visa is for a person who wishes permanent residency.

The following categories are the most common varieties for people wishing to work or stay in the United States along with their intended uses. Some are easier to obtain than others but in every case the process is greatly facilitated by the use of an immigration attorney in Houston, TX.

L-1 Visa

Probably the most important type of visa that concerns corporations, the L-1 allows multinational companies to transfer valuable employees into the U.S. for a period of up to seven years. In most cases, companies will engage in this process for multiple employees simultaneously or in an ongoing manner. In either event, the services of a dependable  immigration attorney in Houston, TX will be invaluable in the expeditious securing of these important documents.


H-1B Visa

This visa specifically intended to accommodate visiting immigrants with specialty occupations such as architects, engineers, physicians and lawyers. The visa is very specific and is only valid for the position and employer indicted unless you have an I-129 for alternate employers. Basic criteria to obtain this visa is a B.A. or equivalent foreign degree and a position in the specified field.


B-1 Business Visa

This visa is unusual in that it allows the visitor to engage in all manner of business activities including hiring staff, making & soliciting investments, attending meetings, etc. The one thing that  a B-1 Business visa does not allow is the actual running of a business in the United States. Under no circumstances can a holder of this visa obtain any financial remuneration of any kind. If in doubt as to the suitability of this type pf visa for you intended activites, please enlist the adi of a qualified immigration attorney in Houston, TX.


H-3 Training Visa

As the name indicates, this visa is issued to foreign nationals who are employees of a company with training facilities in the U.S. Basic requirements are that the training not be available in the employee’s home country and that the actual training meet certain classroom and on-the-job training criteria. This particular visa is monitored closely by the INS and a company would do well to utilize the services of an experienced Houston, TX immigration attorney.


E-1 Trader & E-2 Treaty Investor Visas

A highly charged , political atmosphere surrounds the issuance of these visas. They are intended to allow individuals of significant net worth to enter the U.S. and purchase or establish a business. In many cases, the nature of the investment is in the best interests of the U.S. but the process is perceived as unduly preferential. In such instances, the advice and counsel of the best immigration lawyer in Houston, TX who specializes in E-2 visas could prove invaluable.


PERM Labor

While not technically a visa, this process aims to obtain Permanent Residency Through Employment for a foreign worker. Most of the process involves detailing efforts by the sponsoring company to fill the position with a U.S. citizen. Failure to fill the position in this way opens up the opportunity for a foreign employee to become a permanent resident. The process is not difficult but, in the absence of corporate counsel, it is recommended that a Houston, TX immigration attorney be used to facilitate the process.


K-1 Visa

This visa is granted to the fiancés of foreign nationals who wish to wed in the United States. It is only good for ninety days with the expectation that the wedding will take place in that time frame and that the non-immigrant will apply for an immigrant visa. For this reason, many of the basic requirements are the same as an immigrant visa. Due to the nature and time sensitivity of this process a K1 visa attorney is highly recommended.


Green Card

Often considered the Holy Grail of immigration documents the “green card’ is a document of permanent residency status/ Not only does it allow you to freely travel inside the United States, but outside the country as well. There are two types based on family or employment eligibility. The green Card process can be complicated and time consuming for the uninitiated. There are many affordable, immigration attorneys in Houston, TX, competent to expedite this proces



Forms,  Filing Procedure and Process

Filling out the correct forms and following the correct procedures is only half the battle. Anticipating your future needs as visa expire or laws change is the real reason to hire a Houston immigration  attorney. You, your employees or coworkers should concentrate on your business and not on the bureaucratic nightmare that epitomizes the United States immigration process. Finding and trusting the right Houston immigration lawyer will yield employee loyalty, increased employee performance and greater peace of mind for you and for the employees.


Finding the Right Houston Immigration Attorney

Houston is a large city with a multicultural and polyglot population. Finding the right Houston immigration attorney who understands your culture as well as your language is important. More important, however, is that the they understand the process and the legal requirements for obtaining a U.S. visa quickly and easily.

In short,  a small bureaucratic foul-up or missed deadline that can separate you from some of your most valuable employees for a very long time. Be sure to have the resources of the best immigration lawyer in Houston, TX  on call to resolve any issues quickly and completely.