The controversy of whether global warming is man made or a natural earth cycle continues to heat up. There are many skeptics out there that don't even believe there is such a thing and continue to challenge scientific data. With so many differing viewpoints to consider the important message we are being given as a race has been obscured and as with any debate it becomes lost in each person's need to be right. What humans are forgetting is that it really doesn't matter whether global warming is a certainty and who caused it, because what this argument can teach us is that we are abusing the Earth and there will undoubtably be some kind of consequence for this. It's not just about going green although that is important, it's about coming to the realization that we cannot continue to use our planet as a never ending repository for our personal needs. We need to treat global warming as a real threat as it is giving us the opportunity to start to think much more deeply about what we are ejecting into our air and become cognizant of the fact that the natural resources we are dependent upon, such as oil, are not unlimited.

Although the earth does go through natural cycles it is naive to think that human activity does not contribute in a significant way to these changes; a normal earth cycle can have a much bigger and more damaging impact once our influence is taken into account. We have to listen to all sides of the debate to address the best way to approach this issue, such as advocating adaptation instead of mitigation of emissions which many skeptics endorse, but in such a way that we are working towards a common goal. There is currently a list of 650 experts who are challenging that human activity is to blame but that number seems small in comparison to the consensus of proof in the scientific community.

The scary reality is that it is taking so long for us to make the changes we need to make while the debate rages on. If every person on the planet made a small effort to reduce their waste, recycle, and conserve resources it would add up to larger changes taking place in the Earth itself as well as impacting government policy. Opposition to global warming only ensures that there will continue to be those that do not believe they have any impact and therefore will continue to ignore the danger we place ourselves in. I firmly believe that if it is not global warming that endangers the human race it will definitely be something else and we need to move past the arguments to work together to make changes now before we find ourselves at the point of no return.