Duvets tend to be the most expensive individual piece of a bedding set. They're often priced at several hundred dollars, while for comparison most other pieces are well under a hundred and fifty. A full set is usually the most cost-effective way to purchase Woolrich bedding, and will cost anywhere from six hundred to a thousand dollars. This price gap is mostly due to differences in the sizes of various sets.

Although definitely flowery, the Heirloom Floral bedding set is less bright and perky than you would think. The dark background is contrasted with a bronzed over floral look that manages to be prolific without being overwhelming. The standard bedding set components are included, and as with many sets, you can order a larger size for additional pieces and different types of shams.

Bedding from the Heritage Classic line is distinctly toned down compared to many other options. With the main set piece being an unpatterned cream, it's difficult to not find it neutral and soothing. Shams and other minor elements incorporate the use of bolder colors, minor striping, and faux fur.

The Ivy Lane collection is probably one of the most cheerful sets Woolrich makes available. The green, yellow, and red are used in close conjunction to create a very brilliant and lively visual effect. This is only barely toned down at all by the solid-colored pillows. You may not care for this set if you prefer your furniture less loud, but for a color scheme that shouts out its good mood, it's a definite choice.

Meadow Creek's burgundy and green striping tends to make it seem like a fuller expression of minor themes relegated to accessories in other bed sets. The result is a very noticeable piece that refrains from loudness based on the cool nature of its shade choices. The golden trim to the various minor components makes for a contrasting bit of boldness in the visuals.

Shady Run bedding uses relatively bright and sharp-patterned pillows that contrast a backdrop of calmer tans and greens. It overall has a very calm and unobjectionable appearance, with the pillows providing just the right hint of life to keep interest. For people who would like something that makes just a little statement, but not too much of one, Shady Run is a fine selection.
Woolrich home bedding consists of individual pillows, along with all the other elements of bedding. These pillows lack the more geometric and mild designs of set-included ones. Instead, they use themes that would appeal to an outdoorsman, such as hunting animals and cabins. They're some of the cheapest bedding items in the Woolrich stock, as well, with a suggested price of under eighty dollars.

Why not top your mattress topper itself off with a Woolrich blanket? With wool and polyester blends, they offer warmth without too much weight or coarse texture. Primary patterns are basic geometric stripes, although occasionally more creative prints are available with natural themes. Some of these blankets are also reversible, allowing you to flip them to one side or the other as you prefer.