My Paintball experience

Having a good sight on your gun can change the game. Recently I just played paintball with friends, trying out my new sight which I just bought. It was somewhere between $20-30. After the day was done I wasn’t so mad about the money I wasted, but rather how poorly the sight made me play that day. At first I just that it was me and I kept making up excuses of why my aim was always off target: cold fingers, heavy breathing, and fatigue. However, after many loses I realized that it was my cheap sight to blame. I spent hours trying to adjust it, but to no avail. Soon after I went back online and through a little investigation found the perfect sight. Now, cheaper end sights can work, but if you’re like me and willing to spend a few more bucks for a lot more quality then it’s better to go towards the higher end.

                                                                   What to look for in a paintball sight

By looking back now, I can see all the criteria that the perfect sight needs to fit into. For starters it has to lay somewhere in the $70-100 range. I’m not saying that every $100 dollar sight is a winner and there could be some cheaper ones I have overlooked. However, this is a good benchmark to start to clear away most of the unsuited candidates. Like really, are you going to strap on an $8 sight to your $300 gun? Second, it needs to adjust well. I’m not going to spend too much time on this part, but if you have a hard time adjusting or it feels cheap when worked with then you are only going to have trouble down the road. Make sure it’s made from metal not plastic. Also, you want to match the sight you buy if the type of gun you have and type of range level you play. For example if you played more mid ranged and close battles you probably would not want a snipe sight. In the end it’s reitally about matching up what you need in the sight as well as the game level you play. My preference and the sight I play with being a Sightmark Ultra Shot Sight QD Digital Switch made by SightMark. The reason being It’s sterdy, has fine adjustment for any time of day, a great price, and really is just as good as any $500 sight. Although if you want something even more high end on the food chain check out this list of high end sights.

Now here is the quick list to take in to account:

  1. Check the price. If it is too good to be true check the review, that rhymes.
  2. This kind of goes on with the first tip, but cheap is cheap
  3. Look at sights that serve your game play, as I said before my

Preference being the Sightmark Ultra Shot Sight QD Digital Switch because it plays well towards close to midlevel confrontations and gets the job done. Hope this article helps with your mission.