For those looking for good Boston to New York flights then a good deal is never far away. In fact there are a number of great discounts to be had for flights on this route if you are willing to look around for what agencies are offering.

The differences in what agencies offer can be startling, so if you are willing to research what is in the market place there can be some great deals to be had if you look hard enough if you are looking for discount New York flights. Secondly, if you are willing to be flexible with when you go, then there are many airlines that provide great Boston to New York flights, and in fact all in all, there are 14 airlines that fly direct from Boston to New York.

Historically, Jet Blue Airways has always been the most inexpensive for flights on this route, and Continental the most expensive but this can depend much upon the time you go and the offers that are available. Other airlines that offer this route from Boston's Logan Airport to one of the three New York airports include Delta, US Airlines, United, South West Airlines, Virgin America, American Airlines, and Jet Airways. Prices range from around $119 for the cheapest type if ticket to $699 for the most expensive. Of course, this depends on what time of day or night you travel, the time of year you choose to travel, the airline you choose to travel with and the class of seat you choose to buy.

It will take somewhere between one hour, six minutes to one hour, forty three minutes to travel between Logan International Airport and New York landing in either LaGuardia Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, or John F Kennedy Airport. So it is worth checking the details for the flights before you purchase your ticket as they can vary in time of flight duration.

As a matter of interest, research has shown that Saturday is the most inexpensive day to travel on Boston to New York flights with an average flight cost of $137 and it has also be said that Friday is the most expensive day to travel on this route with travellers paying on average £435 to travel on Boston to New York flights on this particular day