There are so many possibilities when it comes to decorating up the spare tire mounted on the back of your Jeep or 4x4. First off, if you're driving a Rav4, Tracker, Samuari, CR-V, Jeep, Blazer, or any of the many with that rear mounted spare, you have the ultimate opportunity to show off who you are and what you're about! Taking up a fair amount of rear deck space, in easy view of anyone and everyone behind you, it's perfect!

American Flag Spare Tire CoverHarley Davidson Spare Tire CoverJEEP Spare Tire Cover

The logo meisters of the aftermarket auto world have thousands of possibilities for you to choose from. You can put our American Flag back there, or our Harley logo, or even A Jeep Thing. Or maybe you're into your favorite Car Maker, Sports Team, Racing Team, College, or perhaps something Religious.

Maybe you would rather show off your passion for Hunting, Fishing, or something in Camouflage! Or then again, you could do Skulls, Crossbones, Iron Crosses, Dragons, or Demons. They also can help you put Pool and Pokers logos back there too!

On the more feminine side, you can wander into Pink, Super Girl, Spoiled Brat, Hearts, Cherries, Funny Bunny, or even Hello Kitty if you want. There are also Fairy, Fantasy, Angels, and Tinkerbell.

And last but never least, there are the cartoon characters which always work well. Or, you can just find some great catch phrase to put back there, like "Life is Good" or "Give Peace a Chance". I'm pretty sure you can even have your name imprinted on a cover too!

The choices indeed are endless. So are the possibilities. And you can easily match your spare tire cover up with your floor mats, seat covers, tonneau covers, steering wheel covers, dash mats, mud flaps, license plates, frames, window decals and graphics, key chains, and air fresheners! I mean, if you're all about it, it all needs to fit together.

Most of the better spare tire covers are made from a cotton muslin / rubberized vinyl blend, so they keep the tire safe from the elements and road crud. They fit snugly and are built to last. Just hose off or wipe off with a damp rag to keep the outside looking its best! The majority will fit tires from 26" to 29".

But, whatever you choose, the point is to choose something! And make it something meaningful to YOU! Because whatever spare tire cover design you put back there, you will get to live with it. It will be right out there, dude!