Finding time to write for Info Barrel

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Finding time to write can be difficult for some but for others it seems easy. Why? Everyone has the same amount of time every day but some people just seem to get more done. How is this? You sit and read about some one cranking out five or ten article a day and you can't seem to get more than one or two in a week. Is there something wrong with me you might be asking? Probably not but for one you're sitting around reading someone else's articles instead of writing new ones for yourself. Not to mention the boss looking over your shoulder or your kids screaming in the back ground. It's not easy finding time to write! Or is it?

The first problem is there you are sitting around reading what other people are doing instead working on your next article. Not that reading is bad but come on how many times can you read the same stuff over and over, this guy is making $1000 a month or this lady is staying home with her kids but still bringing home fat stacks of cash. Yes these stories are motivating but they are also paralyzing at the same time. So lets do something to change this pattern.

Finding Time to Write

To change this you must first find when and where you are wasting most of your valuable time. So the next three days we will keep an activity journal. Keeping track of everything you do and how long you're doing it, from getting out of bed to cooking supper. At the end of the three days ask yourself, how can I gain an hour a day? What can you eliminate or reduce to reach your goal of an extra hour everyday. Are you sleeping more that eight hours? Can you take a shorter shower? Watch less television, or stop watching television all together. Is that episode of the biggest loser really worth missing out on the money you could be making from the articles you could have written in that hour? Analyze everything. This isn't meant to make life less enjoyable only to help find the things that are stealing your time.

Making Time to Write

Now that you know where your time is going, start making time for your goals. Start by making a "to do list" or more than one maybe you need one for home and one for work, that's ok. This way you know everything that needs to be done that day, but don't forget to schedule yourself a time to write. Pick a time when your mind is sharp. You don't want to be day dreaming or fighting to stay awake, maybe the right time for you is in the morning before anyone else is awake or after everyone else goes to bed. Maybe you leave a note book in your car and you write in the parking lot at work. It's up to you but pick a time that is convenient or it's just not going to happen. Make this writing time an everyday habit and before long you'll have hundreds of articles and then you will be the one writing those distracting articles telling everyone how your staying home with the kids while making a $1000 a month from the internet. Just remember finding time to write can and will pay off just stick with it and have fun.