The Mayan Calendar

The Mayan Calendar
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The Mayan cyclical calendar became famous when people took the end of it to mean that the world would end on December 21, 2012. When the end of the world didn't come however, many people lost interest. Despite the world not ending as many people had predicted, Mayan calendar enthusiasts have continued to use it on a daily basis, as a horoscope and daily guide.

The Mayan people were among the most advanced early cultures on the face of the planet at one time. One of their most well known achievements is their calendar, which is still in use by many people to this day. If you know your birthday and whether you were born before or after sundown, there are easy online birthday calculators you can use to find your sign.


Birth Signs – Signs that Reveal your Character

 The sign of your birthday is the most vital sign because it shows your character and who you are (or who you can be). Of course these signs don't limit you, they are meant to show you what you may be able to achieve. The ancient Mayans put quite a bit of stock in these signs and they may have determined the path young Mayans were to follow.

As an example: if your birthday is July 4, 1978 your sign is TWELVE and MONKEY. The TWELVE aspect shows that you are open minded and objective – valuing understanding and communication. Having MONKEY means you are creative and great at multitasking (a fantastic pair with the objectiveness gained by having TWELVE as well!). Those born as a MONKEY are said to be great artists, speakers, and merchants.


Day Signs – A Daily Horoscope Meant to Guide your Actions

 See every day and what it means for you in 2014 here

 Beyond the birth signs that reveal your natural leanings and potential, each day has a sign. The day signs are meant to warn you about things to be careful of, reveal to you what good things might be coming.

If today is March 31, 2014 for example, it is a ONE KAN day. KAN is a growing and developing force. It is the best day to ask for things, both in prayer, and from those that you love. You've also got to watch your temper though...


 In summary, the Mayan calendar is incredibly complicated. It involves 13 day signs being matched with 20 other signs to produce a 260 day sacred round. The calendar expands further with 18 months of 20 days to produce a 365 day solar round as well (with 1 sign for “5 unlucky days” for the last 5 days). The calendar expands further to 52 years and about 3,000 years, one of the whole cycles being completed on December 21, 2012.

The calendar is used by a number of people who really do use it to receive guidance for their daily lives. The system is far deeper than a lot of other systems, and quite a bit older. Perhaps there was quite a bit of wisdom from the ancient Mayans. Give it a try for a month and see if it can change you...