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How to pick out the best new name for you

     Each and every transgender person has to decide what their real monogram  is going to be. Not the slave tag that you were given at birth for the gender you do not identify with. But your REAL name, one reflecting who you really are and how you want to present yourself to the world. This is one of the most important, and hardest, decisions you are going to have to make.  Once you change your ID that choice will be stuck with you, even if you change it again. Don't believe me? Wait until the next time a police officer asks for you ID and runs your chosen title. They will ask if you were such and such person by loudly pronouncing your previous identification and whatever other alias you might or might not have. The Police look at them as aliases, we look at it from the point of view that our previous identities should be wiped from the record, barring any criminal activity on our part. I doubt this will ever happen, so take your time and choose wisely the best name for you. Here are some tips that might help you out with that.

  •  Try finding the feminine or masculine version of your autograph to see if that fits for you Michelle/Michael or Jack/Jackie for example. The only drawback with this route is that people can sometimes figure out what your slave name was by guessing, but it does not happen very often.
  •  Get a baby book or go online to research all the types of names there are. Find out what they mean and perhaps one will resonate for you. Agatha, for example, is the name of a 3rd century martyr who was tortured and burned after spurning the advances of a Roman official.

  •  Do you like your mothers or fathers name? How about the names of the people in your family? Do you respect and admire any of them? You may wish to carry on a family tradition and choose Jim Jr., your uncle Mike or be named after your grandmother Mary.

  •  Choose a name that makes sense to you, and when you hear it you “know” that is the name for you. Something you can identity with and makes you happy when you hear it. How your name sounds aloud is one of the most essential things to think about. Does it go well with your last name? Is it harsh sounding?

  •  If you choose a name that can be ridiculed or disrespected, then be prepared to be ridiculed and disrespected. Choosing a name like “Penis Envy” or “Crystal Chandelier” it going to get you remembered, but no one is going to take you seriously. Puns like “Holly Wood” and “Crystal Chandelier” are going to garner a lot of disrespect.                                  

     Your name is a serious issue, so take it seriously. Similarly to Tattoos, names will stick with you for the rest of your life. Your name should proudly announce who you are to the world and give a good indication of your chosen gender. Not be the object of ridicule and not convey any kind of pornographic undertones. Each of us represents all of us, if you do yourself a disservice with a pornographic name then you do all of us a disservice. We already deal with enough misunderstanding and prejudice to need another “Ben Dover” or “Rita Ready”. So have fun and I hope these tips will help you out when choosing the perfect name. Good Luck!

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