Finger Picking Patterns - 6 Patterns You can Learn And Play Today

There are so many ways you can play a song. This video takes a simple that I wrote and shows you how to play 6 different finger picking patterns. You can easily learn these 6 fingerpicking patterns and use them in other songs today.

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Try to learn each of the finger picking patterns. If you would like the music free. You can download it at 6 Finger Picking Patterns.

It helps to practice each pattern slowly. You might want to learn one at a time. Use them with the song in the video, or try them with songs you already play. The patterns range from a simple Thumb Pluck to patterns like the Travis Pick.

You might want to get a metronome to help you keep the rhythm, or tempo, even. It's helpful to set it at a comfortable speed, then slowly increase the speed as you get more comfortable with the various patterns.

This video also talks about how to write simple songs. It's fun writing songs. There are hundreds of ways you can arrange any song. For simple songs, there are chord patterns that work for hundreds of songs. As shown in the video, you can take an easy song and vary it by using different finger picking patterns. The video also mentions chords that work well.

I wish you much success in your playing and hope you become a Wonderful Guitarist!