Finish a craFinish a Craft ProjectCredit: morguefile.comft project, but what type of projects.. and who would pay?

If you are creative, and crafty, you can make money finishing other people's arts and crafts projects.

Many people see a craft, get excited, picture themselves making this craft, and with good intentions, plan on making a quilt, or an afghan, or knit a sweater or lots of other craft projects. But what ends up happening, is this project eventually ends up in a corner somewhere collecting dust in the living room, then finds its way to the basement.

They are told to take up a craft, to help with stress, or get through the long winters, or some other reason, and if their heart was never really in it, they quit. Usually they take on something too big, instead of starting out small, and spend a lot of money on supplies, but it just never gets finished, or sometimes, not even started!.

Life gets in the way, and new habits form, and that stress relieving craft is now causing stress sitting unfinished for months, and sometimes years!

I started down this avenue, a few years ago, when at a craft show with a friend (we shared a booth, she sews, I paint) a lady approached me, and wondered if I would be interested in finishing a painted milk can. She had picked up this old large milk can from a farm estate sale years ago, and could picture a primitive style painting on this can, so she took a class.

But, after a few classes, and a few failed starts, she just couldn't get into the groove or mood for painting this can. It had sat in her basement half done for years. Until she saw some of my paintings that day, she got the idea, that I could finish it, and charge her, she wanted to see it done and on display before she was too old to enjoy it!.

I met up with her, nervous at the project, but excited as well. I cleaned up the can, found some paints that matched hers, (most hardware stores will do this with a little chip of paint) and quickly copied her style to look like it had been done by one artist. She absolutely loved it. I charged per hour, and she happily paid. Her milk can was now sitting on her front porch, and then she told her friends what I had done!.


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The point is, there are many other people like this woman out there, with half finished crafts. To finish a craft project, is a great business idea. My friend liked that idea, and since she sews quilts, she advertised that she could finish off other quilts. She has had quite a few clients for this, with out much advertising, and it has grown to finishing sewing projects and more. I have also finished off a afghan for someone, and have helped with some craft ideas for others.

Just get the word out. If you enjoy working on crafts, you will like the challenge of finishing some. Remember when everyone would by those latch hook kits for rugs? or those sweater kits, or those paint by number kits? I have finished a paint by number for someone, and not those simple kid ones, but a complex one that just needed some time and patience. She has it hanging on the wall.

Quilts are a big one. A friend of mine was constantly saving fabric from her kids worn out clothes with the intentions of making a quilt one day. She liked the idea of making a quilt, but the reality was, that she found it frustrating, and decided it was not something she would do with her spare time, so even though she wanted one, she never got started until I did.


The point is, many people would be willing to pay you to get these projects out of the corner of their living room. You could even come up with some fresh ideas, if the craft is a dated one. Sometimes a person will collect the supplies to make a craft, and you could come up with some ideas for cash. Then, they will always know someone else with a unfinished craft project sitting around. Word of mouth is a great advertiser, and it is free.

Finish a craft project, could be a great addition to an arts and crafts business you already run. It can be fun to change styles for a project. I totally enjoyed painting that milk can, even though it was not my normal style of painting, but it was a great way to inspire some fresh ideas, doesn't hurt to think outside the box once in a while.

My friend finishes quilts all the time now in addition to her own quilting business. She has finished quilts that had not been finished by the generation before!. She gets paid well, and enjoys the challenge. She loves opening old boxes of started quilts and lays it all out. The customer is ecstatic and can't believe it is done, and how beautiful it is. This particular person had packed up this half started quilt years before her kids were born, and moved it along with their house, move after move, always meaning to finish it. Now it is finished!

It doesn't have to be limited to just crafts... You could mend clothes, sew on buttons, the point is, people are busy with lives, houses, kids, sports and more, and sometimes they just can't get around to these things.. and they pile up. Sewing a seam or patching jeans can make you some extra money, and you can work from home. I just finished replacing a zipper in my nephews hoodie. It sat in a corner for a couple of months, before my sister asked me to do it. She had bought a zipper and just never got around to it. She is busy with a business of her own. (electrician), so I did this, and she found some more projects for me, like her work jeans, that got ripped and thrown in a corner. Not anymore!.

So, if you are looking for a home business to start for extra money, and you are creative, or crafty, and enjoy it, then try finish a craft for a business idea. You might just like it!