Once you have chosen a beautiful paper and attractive design, your wedding invitation may still lack something. This is where embellishments come in. These finishing touches can turn your invitations into works of art that are an absolute delight to receive!

Ribbon, from satin to organza, shiny or matt comes in virtually every colour of the rainbow and many different widths. It can either be tied to our stationery or pasted down one edge. You could even have several tiny bows adorn your invitations. Raffia, tassels and rope can also be employed to create a flourish, while a 'rat's tail' (paradoxically, a beautiful silken cord) adds a luxurious look and feel to your stationery.

There are many ideas to try: lace (to match the fabric in your gown), feathers, dried or pressed flowers and foliage, beads, crystals, wire, wooden shapes, tassels, studs or shells. In fact, almost anything can be affixed to your stationery. With items that are likely to undergo some rough handling, think carefully about what embellishments you will use. For example, dried flowers on your invitations are unlikely to arrive undamaged unless you deliver them by hand. Also think about what sort of envelopes you will require when using embellishments that stand up off the card.

Dressing your envelopes
Embellishments can also make a significant difference to your envelopes. How about lining your envelopes with a beautiful soft paper of filling the envelopes with scented pot-pourri or gold or silver foil hearts, cherubs or stars?
Your envelopes could also be dressed with ribbon, raffia, organza etc. And don't forget about the back of the envelope. Consider sealing your envelopes with a wax seal or stickers.
If you have taken a lot of care in embellishing your envelopes, you may like to place each one in a plain outer envelope so that your beautiful ones do not get ruined in the post. Address the outer envelope as usual and simply write your guests' names on the inner envelope.

Stamp Design
And finally the posting. Even here you have the opportunity to make your invitations look something out of the ordinary. Depending on what is available at the time, you may be able to choose from two or more different stamp designs to find one that looks best on your stationery. For a truly personal 'look', you could have your own photograph (an engagement portrait) printed on your stamps.
It will certainly give your guests something to talk about!