Dark cherry kitchen cabinets is a beautiful look that is desired by many homeowners. However, when you have so much dark wood throughout a kitchen it opens up the possibility for a kitchen that is too dark. In order to avoid this, you need to choose the right finishes that will coordinate with your new cherry cabinets. Here is a break down of what finishes choices are best for different areas of the kitchen.

Have Fun with Lighting and Hardware

Many people stress over what hardware and lighting choices they should make with their cherry kitchen cabinets. This is an unnecessary stress because just about any hardware finish will work with this color of cabinetry. Brushed nickel, copper and brass offer a great color contrast, while black and oil rubbed bronze offer a more subtle look. So, choosing a hardware and lighting color is more about what you like than about what will work with the cabinetry. Just make sure you keep the lighting and hardware finishes the same so the look remains united.

Countertops: Lighting and Size of Kitchen

The color choice for your cherry kitchen cabinets will rely heavily on the size of your kitchen and the lighting that it has. A small dark kitchen with dark cherry cabinets will need a light-colored kitchen countertop. A large, well-lit kitchen on the other hand might want to go with a darker color choice to help make the room a little more cozy. So the larger and brighter your kitchen is, you can get away with a darker colored countertop. As for colors; blacks, tans, greens and even blues go well with cherry colored kitchen cabinets.

Keep Flooring Light

Most kitchens with dark cherry kitchen cabinets look best with a lighter colored floor. The floor is one of the largest areas in the room and placing dark flooring along side dark cabinetry will almost always be overkill. Instead, opt for a light to medium toned floor to keep from overpowering the space. This is especially true with smaller kitchens. Feel free to choose any material you wish so long as they do not go too dark.

Appliance Color Options

When it comes to choosing a color for your new appliances, there are two options that will look best with dark cherry wood cabinets; black and stainless steel. Stainless steel kitchen appliances offer a high-end look that will help lighten up the space and bounce light around the room. However, if money is an issue, sleek black appliances can work well up next to this type of cabinetry. Let your personal taste and pocket-book be your guide.

So when it comes time to remodel your kitchen with dark cherry kitchen cabinets, choosing finishes to go with it will be that much easier. Instead of wondering if you made the right decision on your finishes, you will be able to sit back and rest assured that your kitchen will look as good as you imagined. Now about those bathroom finishes.....