Do you want to swim faster too? Would you like to swim as fast as a powerboat but be very gracefully at the same time?

Then you should definitely take a look at the fabulous sport of finswimming!

Don't worry if you are not the best swimmer. Finswimming mostly needs a strong core, to mimic the movements of a dolphin.  Dolphins build their speed by moving their tail fin up and down, so that's exactly what a finswimmer does. Moving a monofin up and down enables the athlete to reach speeds of more than 7  miles per hour, which is almost 2 mph faster than the speed of a well-trained freestyle swimmer!

Stereo fins are well-known for their use by divers, but a monofin is one big fin that allows swimmers to move through the water more economically. Freedivers tend to make use of this advantage too, to save their breath.

A mask, a snorkel and a monofin is all you need to get started. Later on, you'll find the discipline you like the most: sprint distances, endurance, or even apnea (underwater finswimming) or immersion (with a scuba tank).

Finswimming is very beneficial for your mental and physical health: it will give you a great fitness level, a good-looking six-pack, a strong core - very important to avoid lower back pain - and you will build lots of endorphins.

In fact, by using fins the legs are used much more than with regular swimming styles. Training large muscle groups, like the legs,  increases your testosterone level and makes your muscles grow bigger. Your body will burn more calories  and the cardiovascular system gets a more intense workout.

Finswimmers have a very flexible body, especially the pelvis and the ankles, which they can even overextend.

Athletes training with fins on a regular basis notice significant performance improvements due to  neuromuscular adaptations in the legs.

Finswimming doesn't require arm movements, so swimmers suffering from arm injuries can continue their training routines with the help of a monofin.

Health benefits, improved performance and fun are only a few of the good things associated with this fantastic sport. The worldwide finswimming community is growing and its members are all eager addicts of swimming at high-speed.