Fioricet Addiction

Have you ever heard of fioricet addiction? In the following article, I'm going to explain exactly what the prescription drug fioricet is and how an addiction to it is formed.

Made from the combination of butalbital, acetaminophen, and caffeine, fioricet is a drug most used to help people with tension headaches and muscle contraction headaches. Sometimes fioricet is used in hospitals when someone is in extreme pain from trauma or surgery. Although some types of fioricet are caffeine free, both butalbital (which is contained in all fioricet) and acetaminophen are both habit forming. Of the three ingredients, butalbital is the most addictive.

In most cases fioricet addiction only occurs after extended periods of time and, since fioricet is rarely prescribed in large quantities, it does not usually become habit forming. However, there are those cases when a doctor prescribes too much or it simply does not take as long for a patient to become attached to the butalbital. In these cases, in addiction is formed. This usually will happen when a person takes more than the dosage their physician recommended. Doing this will cause a tolerance to the drug and the person must take more and more to get the desired effect; also, another thing that can happen when an addict does this it will cause rebound headaches.

Using fioricet does not necessarily give one a feeling of being "high", but instead the body becomes so used to the drug that, when it is not administered, one has severe pain. Ironically enough, a fioricet addict usually suffers from withdrawal symptoms that include terrible headaches, exactly what they first took fioricet for in the first place.

When one finds themselves with a fioricet addiction they will do anything to obtain it or one of its generic versions. Fioricet addicts will often obtain several different doctors and prescriptions throughout the state or country in an attempt to keep receiving the medicine their body is so sure it needs. Other addicts turn to alcohol when they can't get Fioricet in an effort to numb their pain.

Fioricet should never be used by anyone who has a history of drug abuse or addiction!

Although Fioricet is sometimes recommended by doctors, don't believe that it is safe. Any drug or medication that could become addictive is something to avoid or take with extreme caution. If you find yourself addiction to fioricet, please get in touch with a support group or drug helpline. Any sort of addiction is dangerous and should not be ignored!

Good luck