Fire Safe Cigarettes are designed to quit burning if you quit smoking it. New York State was the first area to make fire safe Cigarettes mandatory because they wanted to cut down on the number of house fires that occurred when a smoker would fall asleep with a lit cigarette.

The fire safe cigarettes have bands added to the cigarette's paper so the cigarette will be able to extinguish its self if the smoker falls asleep. Sounds like a great idea but the problem lies in the dangerous addtives that are used in the fire safe cigarettes.

The adhesives used in the Fire Safe Cigarettes paper according to the Phillip Morris Cigarette Company are:


Polyvinyl Acetate is commonly used in wood glue and carpenters glue. Fire Safe Cigarettes contain Polyvinyl Acetate. In pre-school and kindergarten we were taught not too eat the glue because it would make us sick and now the State Of New York wants smokers to smoke the stuff.

Cigarettes are bad enough. By adding Polyvinyl Acetate and other toxic binders to the paper it can only increase irritation of the lungs and may lead to cancerous lungs faster.

Cigarettes Are BadStates that have enacted legislation mandating their cigarettes must be the fire safe cigarettes has risen rapidly. You can see a map of states that have enacted laws regarding the mandatory usage of fire proof cigarettes.

According to Fire Proof Cigarettes are not more toxic then regular cigarettes. They cite a few studies which they purport to prove that fire proof cigarettes do not have a higher toxicity then regular cigarettes. One of the studies mentions that the tar level is the same between the two cigarettes. The studies do not talk about the additional lung irritant coming from the Polyvinyl acetate and other paper binders that will increase irritants to the lung.

It has been proven that fire proof cigarettes will decrease the number of house fires that occur. By decreasing the number of house fires it will help to save many lives. Not just those of the careless smoker but also of non smokers who may be asleep in the house including children and babies.

As more and more smokers turn to smokeless tobacco or quit using tobacco all together then the arguments about the alleged higher toxicity levels in fire proof cigarettes will become less of an argument and more of a minor historical opinion.

Second hand smoke hurts many non smokers including children. We also know that house fires kill many children each year. If we can save the lives of a few innocent people each year then it may be worth the additional health risks for smokers who use fire proof cigarettes.