Fire Pits Allow Fire To Be Your Friend

Do you know what fire really is?

It is true that humans have been taking advantage of its benefits since the time of cavemen. Until Antoine Lavoisier and other scientists ran experiments on it in the 1700's that it was understood that fire was actually a chemical reaction involving oxygen. It is very possible that if people had begun to use fire pits sooner, this fact would have been discovered quicker. Prior to this research, people believed that fire was the result of an an imaginary substance, called "phlogiston," being released. With the new studies this was proven wrong, and it was shown that oxygen needed to be added for burning to take place. Fire pits rely on the presence of fire, which is described as heat and light coming from burning substances.

The "fire tetrahedron" is the term many use when talking about what is needed to make fire. Tetrahedron mean triangle. Meaning that three things, fuel, heat, and oxygen, make up the fire triangle (the things needed to make fire). To have a beautiful fire pit, you need to use all four.

In order to light a fire pit or put out fires that are menacing, you need to a strong understanding of what role each of these play in making a fire. A good example of this is trying to put out a grease fire on your stove. You need to remove some of the fire triangle to get it out. You remove heat by turning the stove off, and you can remove oxygen by placing a lid on the pan. Knowing how a fire works will also help a person decide which fire pit will work the best fro him/her.

Why Should You Use A Fire Pit?

Fire can be very relaxing watching and when placed in a fire pit, it can enhance a persons evening. The beautiful tones of color that will come out of your Outdoor Fire Pit will make it the center of any gathering, and is especially beneficial on cooler evenings. Intriguing shadows are cast both inside and outside of the bowl portion of both the Patina Fire Pits and the Artisanal Fire Bowls by the sunlight during the day. You can also watch beautiful flickering shadows from the fire pit caused by the fire burning with life while lit.

Now that you know the requirements for have a fire, it would be a good idea to examine your home and place of work for areas that could lead to a fire. If you enjoy fire, you should always remember that having an outdoor fire pit is a wonderful way to enjoy watching a fire in a safe manner.

In order to keep fire your friend, you need to know how to treat it and know what causes it. If you do not take the time to keep these things in mind, fire can quickly become your enemy. A smart way to keep fire as your friend is to have a fire pit that will allow you to enjoy it safely.