The Mozilla Firefox browser is the second most popular browser in use behind only Internet Explorer. The amount of people that use the Mozilla Firefox browser continues to grow every day. Many experts predict that Firefox will eventually over take Internet Explorer as the dominant browser.

One of the best ways to customize your Firefox browser is by using "Add Ons". There are thousands of "Add Os" that will help customize your browser. The two add nos I always have installed on my Mozilla Fire Fox browser is the "Why Do Work Adsense Monitor" and the Alexa Sparky.

Why Do Work Adsense Monitor

The Adsense Monitor add on is easy and simple to install as is all Mozilla Firefox add ons. This Adsense monitor allows you to track your Google Adsense earnings. Your Adsense earnings show up on the bottom bar of your Firefox Browser. You just have to glance and you can see how much money you are earning with Adsense.

You can customize what displays. You can have it display your earnings from today, yesterday,last 7 days, this month, last month, or since last payment.

Instead of taking the time to log into your Google Adsense account you can just glance at your bottom bar of your browser.I Love Firefox

Alexa Sparky

The Alexa Sparky add on for Firefox works the same as the Alexa toolbar does on Internet Explorer. Alexa is one of the most popular website tracking companies. They rely on people who use the Alexa service to generate information for them to see which websites are the most popular. I always use Alexa. Alexa has many uses but one of them is I get to help my favorite websites get boosted up in the rankings of the most popular websites.

If all InfoBarrel users begin to use Alexa Sparky add on then we can help get the site more popular quicker. The current Alexa rating is 14,883. I love to see the number get lower each week as InfoBarrel becomes more popular. The 14,883 Alexa rating basically means that InfoBarrel is the 14,883 most trafficked website in the world. The lower the number the better.

Some web users do not like Alexa because they say Alexa tracks everywhere they go on the internet. Yes, Alexa does track the websites you visit but it is all done anonymously.

Both the Alexa Sparky And the Adsense Tracker add on work with the most current version of Firefox. I am currently using the newest Firefox browser which is still in Beta and both of these add ons work flawlessly with it.

Photo Credit:(flickr/laihiu)