KGen is a keyword analyzing tool by Firefox. It's compatible with the Firefox web browser and appears as a side bar containing various tools that let you scan a site's written content and categorize it in different ways. KGen is useful for analyzing the websites of your competitors to see what keywords they're targeting, and also for looking at your own website to see that it contains the right keyword density.

Using the KGen Tool

You can add the KGen tool as an icon to your Firefox Web Browser's toolbar by clicking on the View button on your browser then going to Toolbars>Customize. When the Customize box appears, locate the KGen tool's icon and click and drag it over to the toolbars box. If you want to access it the normal way, go to View>Sidebars>KGen.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, the KGen plug-in will show up as a sidebar on the left-hand side of your browser. To scan a page, just click the "Scan It!" button. It will take a few seconds for the tool to scan the page. The results will show up above the Scan It! button and will be displayed on eight different tabs.

One of the only negatives to the KGen tool is that it scans every single word in the same way. This means you get a list of prepositions and minor words alongside the keywords that you're actually interested in. You'll thus have to sift through the garbage words yourself, which isn't all that difficult, but it's something that later versions of the KGen tool could improve on.

As mentioned in the second to last paragraph above, the information scanned is displayed on eight different tabs. This includes a "List" tab, showing the position of each keyword according to weight and frequency of appearance on the page. The "Stats" tab shows the total number of words on a page, the total number characters on a page, the frequency of a word in percentage terms, and basically all the information that was scanned in mathematical terms. The "Options" tab is one of the most useful ones, as it lets you sift through all the words according to different criteria, so you can make it so that the tool ignores words of a certain length or words that appear less than a certain amount of times. Whether you are a leading SEO analyst in San Francisco or just working on your own personal website, the Firefox KGen tool is highly recommended.