From the Hit Show about a Welsh Fireman

Fireman Sam toys are extremely popular with children under 10. Being part of the HiT Entertainment conglomerate has increased Fireman Sam's exposure exponentially over the past years and has really contributed to its popularity.

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HiT Entertainment

HiT Entertainment owns the rights to many other famous, children's television personalities such as Barney the Dinosaur, Bob the Builder, Thomas & Friends and Wishbone. This has allowed a lot of cross promotion, in particular movies featuring Fireman Sam with these other television characters. These movies brought a lot of attention to the Fireman Sam brand and caused its popularity to explode.

Fireman Sam's Appeal

Fireman Sam follows the adventures of a Welsh fireman named Sam. Also included in the cast are Sam's fellow firefighters as well as a few of the townspeople from Sam's hometown of "Pontypandy."

Sam is often called the hero next door by his neighbors. Pontypandy is a quiet town with an unusually high rate of fire incidents. In times of emergency, Sam always keeps a level head and is ready to assist anyone in need.

Sam also likes to tinker and invent new gadgets. He is clever and can create all sorts of devices from junk items. In one episode he even created a device that played music to replace the town band!

Pontypandy is a town full of interesting and relatable characters. Whether it's the gossipy grocery store clerk, the bubbly café owner, the clumsy handyman or the Australian rescue worker, there's always something interesting going on downtown.

The Fireman Sam Toys They're Going to Love!

Many of the available toys and products are modeled after characters or equipment on the show. With such a varied cast of unique characters and so many gadgets and gizmos that Sam uses, there is a Fireman Sam toy that will appeal to any kid.

The most popular and most collectible at the moment are the Fireman Sam Action Figures. What better way for a child to play "pretend" than with the action figurines of the actual cast? These action figures are about 3 inches high and durable - great for if they accidentally fall off the table while fighting a pretend fire.

Fireman Sam Action Figures Make the Perfect Gift

Also available are Fireman Sam's vehicles. His mountain rescue helicopter and fire engine make a great gift to any Fireman Sam fan. Both the helicopter and the fire engine have sound effects to mimic the sirens on the show. Some of the models are a bit on the smaller side (about 6" long), but I've heard nothing but praise at how much children love playing with them.

A Fireman Sam Fire Engine is Sure to Make Any Child Happy

Fireman Sam - Friction Fire Engine with Sam Figure
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To complete the collection (and to carry all of their Fireman Sam merchandise), every kid must have the Fireman Sam Fire Car School Backpack. It's designed to look exactly like the front side of the fire engine on the show and fits snuggly on the shoulders.

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There is also a huge assortment of Fireman Sam movies. If you have Netflix, however, you already have access to many of them! At last count, Netflix has 22 movies featuring Fireman Sam. That's over 24 hours of entertainment for you and your children to enjoy.

Fireman Sam toys make great gifts for children, it's a wholesome show that features many colorful characters and crazy inventions. It will open up a whole world of imagination for them!

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