Designing or choosing a fireplace cover is as important as the fireplace itself. Fireplace covers are extremely important since they serve two major purposes. One, they add a great deal to the décor to your fireplace. Two, they protect children from the ill effects that may be caused due to fire hazards.

Normally, tin fireplace covers are a preferred choice when it comes to dealing with fireplace covers, for a variety of reasons. Tin fireplace covers are specially designed to suit the normal 36" * 36" mantels. They work fine with other sizes too. Decorative tin fireplace covers, in addition to adding to the beauty of the fireplace also act as a cover, in case one feels that the fireplace is messy. Starting a fire in a tin fireplace is a simple affair too – just remove the cover and light up the fireplace.

People wanting to have a faux fireplace created would tend to opt for a tin fireplace too. Tin, in combination with iron can just lazily hang above your mantel, thereby creating a rustic atmosphere and at the same time, giving a stylish look to your room. Using an iron finish tin cover with bronze highlights can be an ideal choice too, to create the look and feel of the Victorian era. Since it comes with hooks, one has the choice of hanging the cover facing the mantle or to leave it over the fireplace when the fire is on.

Magnetic fireplace covers are another option in areas of high snowfall and gusty winds. Magnetic frames help in sealing the fireplace completely, thereby eliminating any air movement up or down the chimney and eventually, into the room. There are different options possible – one could choose a basic flat frame cover for the zero-tolerance type steel fireplace inserts. In case of fireplaces with hinges, handles or protruding glass doors, one could opt for an expanded deep frame fireplace cover. It seals over glass doors directly, thereby eliminating the need for any modification, whatsoever. Custom fabrication is also possible.

Fireplace covers are also available for indoor and outdoor models, depending on what your home has. A soft or hard cover may be used depending on what you deem fit. Just like any other object, fireplaces too accumulate dirt when not in use for several months or during the winter and summer months due to extremities in weather. Unsightly fireplaces would also become a thing of the past with attractively designed fireplace covers. Outdoor fireplaces, in comparison with the indoor fireplaces tend to be exposed to harsher weather. They need better maintenance and frequent check ups to ensure that they stay the course, as much as the indoor fireplaces.

Fireplace covers help your fireplace last longer and at the same time, protect the safety of your children as well. There are many chances of fireplaces having protruding edges or poles sticking out. Children need to be protected from these. At the same time, they need protection from unknown fire hazards that may happen any moment.

Soft covers made of Nylon or polyester, are obvious choices when it comes to dealing with outdoor covers. They are also tailor-made to withstand extreme weather. Hard covers are typically made of glass and suit the indoor fireplaces.

It is important to bear in mind that whatever it takes to have a proper fireplace cover in place is an investment and a necessary one, for it can only add value to your fireplace and protect the safety and interest of your children. Depending on the model of your fireplace cover, the material chosen and the brand, costs could range between $15 and $100. Nevertheless, it makes sense to spend whatever it takes. It is also a proven fact that glass covers come at a high price, but the higher you pay; the higher is the satisfaction level.

Invest in your fireplace cover and put your worries to rest. Consulting an expert on fireplace covers will give you an idea about the different types and costs.