Cleaning Fireplace Irons

Stone fireplaces clean warm water will doA beautiful addition to any home, is the Traditional Fireplace, read on,  to keep yours  lasting longer with easy upkeep tips.

Irons come in many stylish designs and materials, so take care of yours by using these steps:

  • After the fire is out clean all ash, soot and coal dusts with damp warm water.
  • To prevent rust, use a bit of mineral oil to rub the tips, when not in use. 
  • For brass irons wipe with a damp cloth, or if you have engravings on them use a  soft brush with an all-purpose cleaner to scrub gently the details.  If there is  tarnish build-up use a commercial brass cleaner.

Fireplace Easy Cleaning

Generally, traditional fireplaces should be cleaned regularly and when cleaning Brick fireplaces do not use soap or detergents, because the liquid could seep into the bricks.   What you  need is a hard brush to scrub with warm water then dry.  For deeper cleaning,  scrub with white vinegar and wipe with warm water.

Traditional fireplaces are great for your living area and add luxury to your entire home, but they do bring in smoke, dust and debris.  This is why you must monitor and clean often, before it starts to look unkempt.

If you tidy up after each heating, then cleaning becomes easy and hassle free.

If you have stained bricks you may scrub with a mild ammonia solution, rinsing with warm water, or try commerical products made for this purpose.

For Stone fireplaces clean warm water will do, but if dirt is plentiful, use a scrub brush with mild detergent. 

CCleaning Stone Brick Fireplacesareful not to use lye soap or scouring powder, which may alter the color of the stone, alternately a bleach solution (1 cup to a bucket of water) can be used if area is heavy soiled, scrub with a soft brush and hot water.

Ceramic tiling around the area can be cleaned with mild liquid detergent and water, and scorch marks  removed with non-abrasive cleaners using a cloth--brushing may damage the glaze.

Marble around the area should be scrubbed with a soft brush and mild detergent, rinsing with warm water, wipe and buff until dry. 

Don't forget to get an annual chimney/flue cleaning too. 

Though there are many fireplaces to choose--including clectric and gas,  nothing looks, beats or heats like  the old charm Traditional wood-burning  Fireplace.

Now,  go get your wood, build a fire and get cozy warm!