Fireplace tools (Fire Dogs) are metal fire resistant tools which help people to tend to a fire in a fireplace. There are tools which help to start a fire, add fuel to the fire, and tend the fire. These tools protect people from being burned by the fire when it needs attention.

Fireplace Tool Sets

Fireplace tool sets can be purchased with an array of tools and a stand to hold them. Most tools sets include a broom, a shovel, a poker, and tongs. These sets are good for someone who has no equipment for their fireplace. They also match in style and design so if you want all your tools to match this is a good way to get a matching set.

Fireplace Poker

A fireplace poker is used to stir the wood and coal which is in a firebox. Pokers have a point for poking and a curved piece for pulling. Rearranging the fuel of the fire can help the fire to burn longer and hotter. A poker works when moving things around but you can't use it to lift and place coal or logs into the fire, to do this you need fireplace tongs.

Fire Tongs

Fire tongs or fireplace tongs, are used to place logs and coal into a hot fireplace. They are also used to pick up and move burning coal and logs if more precision is needed than a poker will provide. Using fire tongs ensures that delicate fingers and hands do not get scorched while adding fuel to the fire.

Fire Broom

A fire broom is used to help clean ashes from the grate and sides of the fireplace as well as helping to scoop ash from the base of the fireplace into the ash shovel. These brooms have stiff bristles which help to brush the ashes from places where they are not wanted, and too places that they are.

Fireplace Bellows

Fireplace bellows are used to direct air to embers which help them to flare up and start a new fire. If you don't want to wear out your lungs trying to get a fire stared fire bellows can be a big help. When the fire begins to die down adding fuel and air will cause it to start burning once again.

Ash Buckets

Ash buckets are containers to keep ash from the fireplace contained until it can be disposed of. These buckets come with a lid to keep dust and ash from flying around the house. Ash buildup on the bottom of a fireplace keeps the fireplace from working as efficiently as it could.

Ash Shovels

Ash shovels are made to scoop ash from the bottom of the fireplace. The shovels are assisted by fire brooms which brush the ash and ash buckets which hold the ash. When ash builds up under the grate it needs to be removed. The shoves is sort of like a long handled fire resistant dust pan.

As you can see there are a number of things that are required when getting a new fireplace. Having the proper tools on hand will help to create an efficient system for your fireplace. Fireplace tools should be high quality as a defective tool is a serious hazard to your health. Use your tools in the manner that they are intended and use them only for the fireplace.