If you are lucky enough to have a real fire in your home, either a solid fuel fire or even one in a gas fireplace, then you will have the pleasure of a warm focal point in your room which can look extremely attractive.  One of the joys for anyone interested in interior design and decorating, is dressing the hearth with all the fireplace accessories that are either necessary for the upkeep of the fire or just used for creating an effect.  Items such as the fireplace wood holder and the stand for the poker and brush are not only important, if you have a solid fuel fire, but can be design accessories even if you have a gas fuelled system where they are not actually needed.

The main item, which may or may not be necessary for the running of the fire, but is certainly desireable for it's charm, is the fireplace wood holder or log basket.  In some cases, logs can be stored directly onto the hearth and this can look very rustic and attractive but you may find that it always causes a degree of dust and mess which is difficult to clear.  Most people prefer a stand or basket of some description.  And there are many options.

Baskets can look very attractive and are an inexpensive choice.  It is possible to source a large basket at many stores, both regular stores and those on the internet, and you should not have too much trouble finding one which is the right size, shape and design for your fireplace.  As baskets are usually flammable, then it is wise to keep this a sensible distance for the actual flames if you have a solid fuel fire.  If you actually use the logs for your fire, then the chances are that you keep your store of wood outside the house and a basket is probably the most practical system for replenishing the stock. If, however, you prefer something a little less rustic, then you can opt for a wrought iron holder.  These can also be very traditional looking and have been used in homes for log storage for many years.  In more recent years, however, some have become increasingly modern in design and you can now choose from many shapes and styles.  Some, it has to be said, are more practical than others and some designs can even border on the absolutely bizarre.  It all depends on the style of your room and your own personal taste.  

The majority of fireplace wood holders will be situated on the floor, either on the hearth or just nearby.  Bear in mind that there is always some bits of debris which will fall off the logs, so if you have your holder directly on your carpet then you may like to choose one which has a base so that you are not constantly having to clean under it.  If floor space is limited, then a little research will uncover some log racks that can be wall mounted.  If you decide to fit one of these then you must obviously make sure that the wall fittings are sound as they will be carrying a considerable weight.

For those of you who just cannot find the perfect item, or those who are talented in the handicrafts department, you can easily make your own firewood storage unit.  By doing this you will have complete say in the design and the satisfaction of making a useful and attractive item.  It is possible to buy designs for making pieces such as this, in a choice of materials, from the internet.  Alternatively you can have a chat with the staff at your local DIY store and see if they have books and plans available. 

Whichever option you choose, you will be able to store your logs in a clean and attractive way and even if you do not actually need one, a fireplace wood holder adds a warm and attractive touch to your hearth.