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Firm shapewear is designed to achieve a slimmer look. The way it works is shapewear garments instantly reshape the body by redistributing weight. The result is the tummy is flattened and bulges are smoothed out in specific areas. There are different types of firm shapewear for different areas of the body. For example, if you put on a one piece bodysuit it will redistribute weight from the breasts to the knees. Other types of firm shapewear include: leg and thigh shapers, panty girdles, camisoles body shapers and stomach control shapewear to name a few. When you choose firm shapewear or firm body shapers they provide more than normal control. You can also opt for extra firm shapewear or extra firm body shapers for an even more controlled fit. The best part is that nobody can see or know that you are wearing shapewear, since seams are virtually invisible and are worn underneath clothing.

Shapewear garments are made of similar material that underwear is made of such as spandex, nylon and lycra. In addition, firm shapewear has specially designed compression bands and panels that provide shape and control in specific areas. You can also enhance body parts with extra padding to create curves where there are none. As you can see you can practically have a new body in a matter of minutes with firm shapewear. Whether you wear firm shapewear on a daily basis or a one time special event it will do what you need it do. Shapewear and body shapers are made for both men and women. Gone are the days when only women wore girdles and undergarments that enhance or flatter their figure.

To be clear firm shapewear or any type of body shaper will not change the body permanently. This can only be done with diet and exercise, so once you take off shapewear you will look the same as you did before you put it on. Sometimes when you're doing your best to lose weight and get in shape it doesn't work as fast as you would like it to. This is where firm or extra firm shapewear can fill in the gap by making you look slimmer until you get where you want to be. Shapewear and other types of body shapers help build confidence as they enable you to see how you can look, which will give you a goal to shoot for.

Next, we will look at a few types of firm shapewear and firm body shapers to help give you an idea of cost as well names of popular and well known brands of shapewear.

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It is logical to believe that when a product sells well that it is a good product. This is why people tend to want a product if they know that it is a best seller. While this is true it is also a good idea to read reviews if you can find them. The best place to do this is online as it saves time and money. Now let's check out a few reviews and compare some prices on shapewear and body shapers.

One of the most popular brands of firm shapewear is Spanx they are well known, affordable and design a good product most of the time. The first shapewear garment we will look at is a best selling Spanx Higher Power High Waisted Panties; this product has 90 reviews with most of them being good. These panties are sure to give you a smooth shape (no bulges) from just under the breast to tummy, thighs and hips with no visible panty line. Waistband is soft and non binding and stays in place. Be sure to get the right size this seems to be an issue smaller isn't always better, so choose correctly. Price under $40.

For those who like firm compression in the waist this waist cincher is sure to do the trick. The Squeem Magical Lingerie Shapewear, Firm Compression, Cotton and Rubber Waist Cincher is an excellent product that has a 4 star rating with over 100 reviews. It comes in two colors nude and black. This firm shapewear garment immediately reduces the waistline 1 to 4 inches. There is no binding or rolling it stays perfectly in place and also helps to improve posture as well as relieve back pain. Squeem Magical Lingerie has been around a long time and have an excellent reputation. Price under $40.

Also check out the Squeem Magical Lingerie, Firm Compression, Cotton and Rubber, Vest. It too has over 100 reviews with an almost 5 star rating. It sounds like you can't lose with this one. Not only does it reduce the waistline, but uplifts the breasts while it corrects posture bringing all into alignment. It claims to accelerate weight loss as well and some customers agree. Great firm shapewear that will take some getting used to, but in a few days it feels fine and is worth a little short term discomfort. Comes in black and nude and many sizes to choose from, sounds like an excellent product for under $55.

For Men we have the Ript Fusion Firm Control Shapewear Crew Neck T Shirt that smoothes the body from chest to hips with firm compression and soft 100% cotton fabric that will not stick to clothes. Gets rid of love handles and other bulges that you don't want to be seen. Perfect for layering and is very comfortable even though it has a firm and tight fit that squeezes you in all the right places. Ript Fusion and Spanx are fairly equal when it comes to reshaping the body to look fit. Price under $50.

You guys who need to tuck and trim more of the body check out this bodysuit by Underworks. It is the Underworks Mens Compression Tanksuit Girdle Shirt. It is made of comfortable nylon knit and spandex so it conforms to the body and moves when you move. This all in one body suit gets rid of bulges in the upper and lower body as well as provides back support. Also makes abs flatter which makes you look more fit, slim and trim. Snaps in the crotch for easy on and off priced to sell at under $35.

These are but a few examples just to give you and idea of what is available, however, there are many types and styles of firm to extra firm shapewear as well as firm to extra firm body shapers currently online. Some other popular brands of shapewear and firm body shapers are Bali, Body Wrap, Assets, Equmen, Wacoal, Sassybax, Joe Snyder, Bumgear, Vedette and Flexees.

Body  Shapers Firm Shapewear

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