All Great First Aid Kits Have Five Key Elements

Chris Le Roy

Well its almost summer once again in the Northern Hemisphere and as we prepare for our ventures into the great outdoors, it is now time to start preparing ourselves for this experience.  One thing that often gets overlooked in the preparation work is the checking and looking for a great first aid kit.

It does not matter what you are preparing to do, whether its to walk the Himalayas or just take the kids to a park, you need a quality first aid kit. 

There are literally hundreds of thousands of first aid kits for sale on the market place, but not all first aid kits are not the same.  There are some key issues that we have learnt about first aid kits in handling many emergencies at our training centre and that is, the layout of the first aid kit is essential in being able to manage an emergency effectively.

One of the things we like about the Survival first aid kits is that they actually layout each item in the kits and then label their location. This means that if you familiarise yourself with the kit, you will know exactly where each item is in an emergency.

Why is this important?

The key reason its important... its save you time in finding things. In an emergency time is your greatest enemy.

There are five other things I believe that every first aid kit should have:

1. They should have an Emergency Handbook. There are many different types of emergencies that you may need to deal with and honestly somtimes you won't remember what to do, so having a emergency first aid handbook will help you check out how to deal with the situation.

2. Every item should be labelled in the emergency kit.  I talked about this before but I want to rehighlight that it is very important each item is labelled so you can find the items quickly.

3. Clear organisation of each item.  Many kits just come in a box and are thrown in the bottom of the box.  This is  really dangerous as it makes it really hard to find the items when you need them.  A great first aid kit should have its own pocket for every item.

4. A great emergency kit should be practical.  So many kits are just not practical for example taking a tin box as a first aid kit in a car is just not practical.  The kit should be soft padded so that it can sit under the seat of the car.

5. Finally the last issue we are going to look at is durability.  In an emergency you don't want your emergency kit falling apart.  It needs to be able to stay in one piece and not be destroyed.

Choosing a first aid kit can be a little difficult or disconcerting but when you look at these five key issues then its not as hard as you think.  The other issue you need to remember is that if you have a first aid kit, make sure that you keep your first aid training up to date so that you know how to use the first aid kit correctly.

Check out our Survival First Aid kits because we know they meet all of our five key issues for great first aid kits.

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