First Aid for a Dog's Eye Injury

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No doubt first aid training can truly equip you with an adequate measure of knowledge on how to employ the strategies and lifesaving methods. In any given emergency situation, there's a respective remedy that comes on. First aid is always essential because it is effective in alleviating the pain or suffering of the victim and it will also increase the chances of saving lives. But then, first aid isn't just applied to human beings.

Much like people, dogs also face distressful situations. They break their bones during play, they get injured, they choke on other small things, they meet accidents on the road, and they are sometimes exposed to electrical shocks. All these and more comprise the list of accidents amongst dogs. Now if you are a dog owner, you must know how to tend to your pet each time it is necessary. After all, he's your best friend and your protector.

What causes an eye injury to the dog?

Once more, there are several causes on why your dog may get an eye injury. For one, he must be quite playful that he hits a few sharp objects or protruding wires. It would definitely leave a scratch and bloody mark on his face. Also, he could get it when something gets broken and sharp pieces hit your dog's eyes. The reasons might go on and on just because your dog is curious and naughty.

How should you tend to your dog's eye injury?

The first aid for your dog's eye injury must be performed as softly as you can. Note that the eye area is among the most delicate parts of the body. The same goes for both humans and animals. If you know nothing regarding the correct procedure, you will only be aggravating the condition instead of easing out the pain felt by your pet. Thus, you must execute it slowly and cautiously.

Use only sterile fluid when administering treatment on the eye injury. You may get an eye wash solution from the pharmacy. It must be sterile, safe, and of course not toxic to use on your dog. It also pays to have a first aid kit ready every time.

When something has gone into the eyes of your dog, you must not try getting it especially when it is touching the eyeball itself. Prevailing to do so could only harm your pet. It's best to cover his injured eye with a cool and damp cloth and get him to the closest vet immediately. In this situation, only an expert help from a qualified person will work.

You must know the significance of good eyesight for your dog. If only it could talk, it would certainly tell you how painful the injury is. That's why you should learn how to tend to this emergency situation.