This article is going to go over the Do's and Don'ts of a first date specifically for men, if you follow just some of the rules in the Do's section and avoid the Don'ts, you will hopefully significantly improve your chances of having a great first date!

The Do's for the First Date for Men

Wear the right Cologne ...right

First off, if you weren't even thinking of wearing a fragrance, you are making a mistake. Women have a more sensitive sense of smell than men, and besides who doesn't want to smell good? Make sure you do some research into the best cologne and male perfumes out there, and also how to apply it. Remember not too much, and never above the jaw (wash it off your hands also)- AskMen recommends the 'Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight in Paris' as the perfect scent for 'date night'. [668]

Stay Clean

Seems like a fairly obvious point, but you will be surprised how many men fail to properly clean themselves from head to toe before going out on a date. Clean out your ears, pluck your nose hair, wash and condition your hair, brush your teeth. Fail on any of these things and it could potentially be a huge turn off.

Leave the Stubble

If you have a beard, it is time for that thing to come off, but if you have stubble then leave it. A lot of women state that they prefer clean shaven men, but when a study came down for women to choose 'Beckham with' or 'Beckham without', 'Beckham with' walked the show. [669]

Pick the Right Date

Make sure you have thought about the date well, generally speaking women love to be taken out to a restaurant. But choose it wisely, you don't want show off the cash wine and dining her, but you don't want to be known as cheap either. Instead find a unique restaurant, one that is different from the rest. Read reviews, ask friends, and make sure you pay a visit there beforehand so you know it won't let you down. Don't forget to book it either!

Your Manners

You should know the general rules when it comes to table manners, if you don't, get reading! (e.g. pulling up the chair for her, be a true gentleman, don't drink too much). You should also know that you pay for the entire meal without comment, insist you pay even if she reaches for her purse, and also leave a generous tip for the waiter (unless they were terrible), all of which constitutes to you being a kind and caring guy.

The Dont's for the First Date for Men

Don't Dress Badly

This is one of the most difficult things to get right, especially for a guy; you need to get a perfect balance of not appearing too underdressed, nor do you want to be overdressed. You want to show that you have a unique style and that you look GOOD! If you think you are really going to struggle with this, get some girl-friends to help you out with clothes shopping and tell them to be brutally honest.

Don't talk about You, You, You

I think the best book for dating advice that is out there has to be the famous Dale Carnegie book 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'. If you really want your date to go well, this book is a must read. You will find techniques and tricks that come across naturally and tell her exactly what she would like to hear, and avoid any potential awkward conversations or silences and prevent you from being a bore. 

Don't be Fake

You don't want to act like a fake, and be someone you are completely not. But you do want to be aiming to show your confident, ambitious side to her. When talking to her, be sure to add in eye contact (not too long to make it awkward) and brief touching of her hand, will provide her with some comfort and subconsciously tell her she is 'safe' with you.

Don't Order for Her

Be sure she orders what she wants and whatever she wants, you don't want to come across as some kind of control freak. To be honest, this should be done just out of respect.

Don't Forget to Smile and Flatter

You need to smile, it will make the your date be at ease, not to mention it will calm you down as well. Also flattery doesn't go amiss, as soon as you see her smile and tell her 'you are looking beautiful tonight' she will love it, but don't go over the top.