Millions of Pages have been written on Personal development, and the necessity of increasing one’s value if one wanted to command respect and Progress in life. But yet very few People seem to implement the strategies. They often lose sight of the saying, “First deserve then desire.” Personal merit and Personal achievements count most in life. We are in the 21st century and it is clear to us that only desire for a thing counts for nothing. By Winning distinctions, one establishes one’s claim to the fulfillment of one’s desires. But does a man win through life by increasing one’s utility to others?

Well let me give you an example here. Once a young man graduated firm a University with very high GPA and said to his superiors, “Sir, I am bound to rise. There is always a place at the top. I aspire for that and I shall work to achieve that.” Years Passed, and through his dedication and honesty he became a Lawyer. He gave his body and soul to work and did his work so thoroughly and honestly that if he once had a client he was always his client. His clientage increased and he was at the top. Contrary to this, another young man believed in getting rich quickly. He was a lawyer as well. He became dishonest and corrupt. He started to extract money from clients on one pretext or another. He could be purchased by Persons who wanted to file false cases and create false evidence. The result was such that he won money quickly but after sometime he stood revealed. His practice dwindled and his clientage consisted only of rogues. He lost both income and respect.

Therefore, who do not believe that by increasing their utility to others, they can win a permanent and sure success, suffer most terribly in life. It does not take much to increase our utility to others. By being honest, offering unsparing diligence it can be easily achieved. It lies in man’s own power to raise one’s utility for them. These traits once built into the characters, can bring any one into Prominence. Thus by being honest, one can increase his/her utility and could be marked out for promotion and honor.

Political Parties release their election manifestos during elections. The whole Purpose of releasing such manifestos is a promise to make the political Party as useful to the Public as Possible. They also proclaim how far they have proved their utility based on previous election manifestos. No individual or organization can long prosper which ceases to be of any utility to those whose interests they have to serve. Thus we should adopt the motto “My work is my character.” Character is the Proudest Possession of a man. If one looses wealth, nothing is lost, if one looses health, something is lost, if one loose character, everything is lost.