First Impressions That Men Like

If you are looking for a man to share your life with, then you need to know what factors play a role in a man's first impression of a woman. Keep reading to get an insider's view on the first things men notice about women.

The way you look

This is a biggie in getting a man interested. If a woman spends time on her appearance and it shows, this will peak a man's interest. Conversely, if she is not well presented, he will move on. Appearance is a key factor in his decision making process as to whether or not he wants to continue to check you out.

Your body language

Men notice body language. It gives an insight as to what type of woman you are. Body language can give clues as to whether you are shy or confident, desperate or secure, controlling or laid-back and many other aspects of your personality. A man will take note of the way you sit, your hand gestures, and the way you walk, just to name a few. This will help him decide his thoughts about you.

Your smile

Your smile is another deciding factor in a man's interest in you. A man will try to read into what your smile is saying about you. Fake smiles are easy to spot; a warm friendly smile will make a man want to talk to you.

Your assets

Also important to a man is your figure. Your figure will make a man think seductive thoughts about you. He will take in your assets and rate them to decide if he is attracted to what he is seeing. A pretty face can go a long way but your shape needs to be in place as well.

Your personality

Your personality is important a man. He wants to know if you will have anything in common and if your personalities will mesh. Are you happy and carefree or are you serious and preoccupied? The most important personality trait is that you are socially confident.

Your sense of humor

This is a huge one. Men are attracted to women who can make them laugh. When checking you out a man will notice if you are the joking type. If you are he may want to talk to you.

Your IQ

Though listed last, this is extremely important. A woman who cannot display intelligence will not be able to hold a man's interest. While checking you out, it may seem on the surface that he is only noticing superficial things, but this is not the case. He wants to know if you are capable of holding an intelligent and well thought out conversation.