Pregnant First Month

Pregnancy for most women is a thing of great joy especially when it is the first child. The excitement levels are high and the woman wants to enjoy every bit of it. For first time mommies who are not very sure about what happens in first month of pregnancy, the information detailed below will be useful.

It is important that the pregnancy in your first month gets off to a good start because the first few weeks are crucial. Some tips on how to have a safe first month of pregnancy will come in handy for anyone who has just become pregnant.

Pregnancy is a funny thing; some women know they are pregnant at the very moment of conception, and some women haven’t got a clue until much later. Other women actually believe they are having a period while pregnant.  It all depends on the individual and how they react to being pregnant. Missed menstruation, pelvic pain, urge to urinate frequently, tender breasts, bloated feeling and vomiting are all symptoms of early pregnancy.

Pregnancy Blood Test

Pharmacies sell home pregnancy test kits that can be used to test in the privacy of your own home.   Most of these kits that are available are pretty accurate and can determine whether the person is pregnant or not even before the first period is missed. On the other hand, the home pregnancy test is not to be taken as gospel truth. The accuracy of pregnancy tests is not 100%.  If there is a suspicion of pregnancy regardless of whether the home pregnancy test confirms or refutes it, a visit to the gynecologist is a must.  A more accurate test can be done in your doctors office it will also reveal more information about the health of the pregnancy is a quantitative pregnancy blood test.

First Month of Pregnancy

The first month of pregnancy is a crucial month in many ways and it is imperative that great care be taken during this period. This is the embryonic period and it starts in the third week and continues until the eighth week. Considered a highly sensitive period in the early pregnancy, the baby should not be exposed to any harmful substances. Apart from smoking, alcohol and prescription drugs, caffeine and exposure to pesticides and other chemicals can be detrimental to the baby’s growth and put the child at risk.

Mothers-to-be should avoid smoke filled areas in restaurants and public places. If the partner is a smoker, the smoking has to be done outside the house or best to quit altogether. Say goodbye to the morning caffeine shot or if you simply cannot do without coffee then limit intake as much as possible.

Since the first to second month of pregnancy is at the highest risk to a variety of things, good prenatal care is essential.  Prenatal exercise is an important part of this and can help make the labor easier. However, too much exercise at the start of the pregnancy is not recommended. The other extreme of not doing anything at all is also not recommended. Gentle exercise such as walking or swimming is all that is needed in the first few months.

It's not uncommon to experience decidual bleeding during the first month and this may frequently occur throughout the first trimester.  However, do not be alarmed.  This is not a period during pregnancy.  In fact, despite some common misperceptions, you cannot have a period during pregnancy.  Cramps in early pregnancy are also not unusual.

Rest is a major factor in the wellbeing and progress of the pregnancy. Carrying a baby makes very strenuous demands on the body and generally a feeling of tiredness persists all through the first month an up to the end of the first trimester. Listen to what the body is saying and rest whenever the feeling of tiredness creeps up.

As soon as you become aware of your pregnancy you need to take the time to eat well, take plenty of vitamins and rest as much as possible.  Of course you should always be eating a healthy diet but this becomes even more important when you are pregnant.  Schedule an appointment with your doctor or gynecologist and speak with them about specific diet and exercise recommendations. 

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