Babysitting is a lot of responsibility.  No matter if this is the first time you are babysitting or if you have been babysitting for a long time, there are a lot of responsibilities that come with this job.  You need to remember that this job is an important job.  Your first priority is to make sure that you keep the kids safe, no matter what their age is.

Here are some babysitting tips to help keep you and the kids that you are babysitting for safe.

It is always a good idea to take a babysitting course before you begin babysitting for the first time.  There are many excellent babysitting courses available in your area.  These babysitting courses will teach you how to change a baby’s diaper.  The babysitting course will also teach you how to do CPR which is something that is very important for everyone who will be dealing with children.   You never know when you may need to use CPR.  Check with your local Red Cross.  The Red Cross offers babysitting courses.  There are hospitals that also offer babysitting courses.  You can also check online for other babysitting courses that are offered in your area.  The babysitting course will also teach you and show you many more important things that will help you while you are babysitting.

Be sure that you are able to get a hold of the parents if something comes up.  Make sure that the parents are able to get a hold of you as well.  You never know if there is an emergency that might come up where the parents might need to get a hold of you or you might need to get a hold of the parents.

Be sure that the kids don’t answer the door.  You never know who might be at door and you don’t want a stranger coming in.  It is best if you don’t answer the door as well if you don’t know who it is at the door.  This will keep you and the kids safe. 

Be sure to keep the kids in the house while you are babysitting if it is dark outside.  If the kids should go outside, be sure that you go outside with them.  Make sure that the kids stay in the yard with you and that you are keeping both eyes on them.  This is very important and will keep them safe.  You don’t want a stranger coming up to the kids and talking the kids into going with them.  You also don’t want the kids playing in the street or chasing a ball.  The kids should be by you at all times while you are babysitting. 

Another good babysitting tip would be to stay off the internet.  You need to be watching the kids and keeping your full attention on the kids and not on the internet.  Be sure that the kids stay off the internet as well.  There are so many sites and chat rooms that kids should not be on.  You want to keep the kids safe.  As a babysitter, you have a big responsibility to be sure that you keep them safe while their parents are gone.

 Be sure that all matches are put up high.  Make sure that you and the kids aren’t playing with matches or lighters.  Keep all the candles blown out while you are there.  You never know if the kids might bump a lit candle or pick up a lighter or match.  This will help keep the kids safe while you are babysitting. 

Be sure that you don’t have any of your friends over while you are babysitting.  Your responsibility as a babysitter is to watch the kids, play with them and keep them safe.  You shouldn’t be visiting with your friends while you are babysitting.  The job of babysitting is a very important job and that is to keep the kids safe at all times.  The parents of these kids are trusting you and counting on you to play with them and keep them safe.