If you've never gone golfing before it may be worth it to start reading up on a few first time golfing tips before you hit the course. It's very important to start off on the right foot because habits are built from day one. If you have any aspirations of becoming a better golfer you are going to be much better off building better golfing habits from the first time you hit the course as opposed to trying your hardest on your own for a while and then hitting up the pro shop and reading all the golfing tips for beginners books out there. Every pro or accomplished amateur will probably start you off with slightly different advice but as a general consensus these first time golfing tips should be a good basis to get you started in the right direction.


Beginner Golfing Tips

Stick to the Driving Range - The first time you go golfing try to resist the urge to hit the course and instead spend your time at the driving range. You will spend less money by buying a few buckets of balls than you will by spending your money on the course and you will be able to make better use of your practice time. Most beginning golfers want to hit the course running but it's best to learn first before playing a round. Depending on your natural abilities you may want to spend a few days on the driving range before you ever even consider hitting the course.


Another great first time golfer tip for beginners is to spend all your time learning the mechanics of hitting the ball straight and in the air. To do this effectively from the beginning of your short golfing career you need to stop thinking about hitting the ball far. Ideally you would position yourself on the driving range directly in front of an obvious target that is not far away at all. Look for the closest possible target and try to hit the ball in the air to that spot over and over and over. Remember that golf balls bounce and roll so you want to hit the ball in the air and land in front of your target and roll the ball the rest of the way.


Most first time golfers want to hit the ball as hard as they can but this is sure fire way to lose control of your swing and build bad habits. If your target is only 30-50 yards away then you will be swinging much slower and with much more control. This will help you solidify good golf swing habits which will then be useful as you get better and more experienced.


While on the driving range do all of your practice with one club only. When you are learning to swing a golf club as a beginner you may not realize right off the bat that different clubs are different lengths and because of this switching between clubs can make it very difficult to form good swing habits. Spend all your time with one club while you are learning how to hit the ball consistently in the air and straight and then it will be easier to transfer that knowledge to different clubs down the road.


Lastly, the one area of your golfing game that will be most contributory to your final score is your short game. Aside from the previous first time golfing tips the next most important golfing tip for beginners is to spend most of your practice time on or near he chipping green. Just like the driving range you will become a better golfer quicker if you spend your time practicing on the chipping green more often than anything else. If you have a membership to the golf club you can often spend time on the chipping and putting green for little or nothing so use this to your advantage.


You really should hit the course itself very infrequently when you are a beginner – the driving range and chipping green are the places you will learn the most. Spend you time at these places wisely and then find yourself a good book on beginning golfer mechanics and you should become a better golfer much faster than the average person.