Skydiving Tips for Beginners

Who in the hell would want to jump out of an airplane?  That is what everyone is thinking up until the point they lunge their bodies out of a plane 10,000 feet in the sky.  Skydiving is the epitome of extreme sports.  It has hit the spotlight and is becoming a bucket list item for many people.  The popularity of it has started many tandem skydiving companies that do jumps with complete strangers.  Prices are affordable and the memory is stuck with you forever, like it or not.  When you and your buddies decide you are ready to finally jump out of an airplane there are a few items you want to make sure you check into.  These tips for first time skydivers will ensure your enjoyment and safety of tandem skydiving.

First Time Skydiving

Choose an outfit that has loads of reviews and a long track record.  Safety is without a doubt the number one concern when you decide to take the plunge into this extreme sport.  Do your research ahead of time.  Your best resource is of course the internet.  Search for skydiving companies in the area you plan to jump and narrow it down to your top 5 possibilities.  From here begin to dig into each outfit.  While searching in Google type in “name of skydiving company” + “reviews”.  Try to find articles on the companies as well.  If you find anything negative about the company move on to the next option.  Your homework will pay off.  Remember, you are jumping out of an airplane and you want to find a legitimate company to do it with. 

                Always take the leap with a group of friends.  It helps you calm the nerves and gives you other people to talk with before you go screaming out of the airplane.  If you decide to go skydiving on your own you are either crazy or just an all-out animal.  Experiencing this with a group of close friends makes skydiving even more enjoyable.  You will be talking about this event for a long time.

First Time Skydiving for Beginners

Do not go first.  Every group will have that one guy who is all talk and determines that he has to go first.  The person who does this always has the worst experience.  Once he hops in the plane and is sitting inches away from the door he is about to jump out of the nerves kick in harder than ever.  Instructors who are going first love to open up the door as the plane is climbing in elevation.  Another reason not to go first, it always freaks a person out. 

Make sure the company you go with has instructors that carry Go Pros or some sort of camera system with them during the jump.  This will give you the option to purchase photos and video of your jump once you are back on land.  Although it is an added cost it is nice to have proof of what you just accomplished.  These photos also make for great profile pictures.

Use these tips to help make your first skydiving experience a positive one.  The number one factor is safety.  Choose the right company and the right friends to jump with.  The memories will be unforgettable and you might even decide to do it again.


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