If you are getting all jittery about how to handle your first Valentine's Day date with your special one then you are definitely not the only one around. Just about everyone suffers from this nervousness. However, there is really nothing to get too nervous about and if you simply stick to the basic and elementary tricks outlined in this article everything should work out just fine.


Valentine's Day Dating Tip #1

Be Yourself

One of the simplest yet most neglected dating tip is to just be yourself. Don't try to be some larger than life character, simply show her who you really are and hope that she will accept you for it. In fact, if you try to project a phony image she may directly see through it (and girls are scarily good at this) or may find out about it later on. Either way in the long run she will always find out that you tricked her and that never augers well for a budding romantic relationship.

Valentine's Day Dating Tip #2

Bring Her a Gift

Giving your girlfriend token gifts from time to time is always a good idea and yet another way of showing your unfaltering affection towards her. This becomes even more so when you are taking her on a Valentine's Day Date. But instead of the usual gifts of chocolates and stuffed toys you can take this oppurtunity to show her how special she is to you by giving her a special Valentine's Day gift.

Valentine's Day Dating Tip #3

Attend to Her

The best way to make a girl feel special is to make her the centre of all your attention. Attend to all her needs and above all listen to her stories as if you really care. I have always felt it is best if you use your words sparingly but always meaningfully--not just for conversation's sake. The one exception to this rule is of course when it comes to complementing her.

But don't get too carried away though, try to stick strictly to the inoffensive anatomy like eyes, hair and clothes and jewelry.

Valentine's Day Dating Tip #4

Mild Physical Contact

Never shy away from mild physical contact as her reaction to it can tell you a lot about how things are going and about your chances of really hitting off. See if she gets fidgety or uncomfortable if you touch her wrists or hair or lightly drape an arm around her shoulders. And if she objects or you can sense her discomfort you can always retreat gracefully blaming it all on the Valentine's Day romance in the air.

Don't be unduly hesitant or nervous, just be cool and play your cards right and the magic of the moment itself will easily seal the deal for you.