Google Nexus 4 - let’s open the box!

The new Nexus 4 comes in a nice black box in which you will find your smartphone, a charger, a quick use guide and a SIM eject tool. The phone leaves a very good first impression. It looks expensive and stylish so I cannot wait to turn it on!


Google Nexus 4

Having dimensions of 133.9 x 68.7 x 9.1 mm it feels quite comfortable in my hand when I pick it up. I would not say my hands are extremely large or small, so it should feel the same for most of the users. The whole surface is made of a glass like material which is quite pleasant to feel and does not slip very easily. If you have a good look at the back of the phone you can see that it is covered with pixel like pattern which becomes visible when you look at it in front of the light source.

This phone has a 1.5 MHz quad core processor, which has been working perfectly for me. Weighing 139 grams Nexus 4 is quite light (not the lightest) so you do not have to be a heavyweight lifter to enjoy using this device. 4.7-inches (768 x 1280 pixels) HD IPS screen is almost invisible when it is off and once turned on welcomes you with excellent and sharp colours. I have heard people talking that AMOLED screens have advantage over HD IPS and this might be true in terms of battery lifetime, however, I managed to use this phone for 3 days (a couple of calls and maybe a dozen of texts every day)  and still had 27% battery left. I believe this is quite amazing for such a phone. Gorilla Glass 2 technology will also protect your screen from scratches so you do not have to worry about having keys and phone in the same pocket!

As for the design, the corners are nicely curved (exactly the way I like), a bit like Samsung Galaxy S3 which I was intending to buy before I noticed this mind-blowing £159 deal for Nexus 4. It just makes this smartphone look so stylish and sexy that you do not want to put it down once you have it.

The 8MP camera on the rear of the phone allows you to make excellent pictures when the lighting is appropriate. Not as excellent as some other phones when it is dark though, but good enough to keep a regular customer happy. This phone also has a 1.3MP camera at the front for quick self-snaps.

All in all, I am very happy with the new purchase and I believe it is one of the best deals currently available. Lately, internet has been full of rumours that Nexus 4 is selling out very fast and there will not be any more of these in near future. Chances are Google is preparing us something new (Nexus 5?) so if you are interested in this phone you better hurry up. £159 for an 8GB version or £199 for a 16GB one it is a bargain!