There are many ways to visit Alaska. You can go by cruise ship, motorcycle, luxury motor coach, car, RV, bicycle or even fly in and hike around. For many first time visitors too Alaska the best way is by cruise ship.

There are many benefits to going on an Alaska cruise as opposed to the other ways of seeing Alaska. Sure there are some downsides but the positives generally outweigh the negatives when traveling by cruise ship around Alaska for first time visitors to the great state.

You can find some cheap cruise travel options on cruise lines such as Holland America. The cost of a cruise includes your food on board. If you took for example, an inside passage cruise of Alaska, it would cost you much more to see all of the ports of call such as Ketchikan and Sitka if you were to travel by any other method.

With a cruise to Alaska you know up front what your core costs will be. The only additional money you would need to spend would be if you chose to buy souvenirs, side trips, gamble, or drink alcohol.

Many people who travel to Alaska for the first time and choose a method other then a Cruise Ship are generally limited to what they see. With a cruise ship you are guaranteed to visit certain ports of calls and be able to spend time in each town mingling with the locals.

When you travel on a cruise, regardless of the destination, you can and will meet new friends. These new friendships many times blossom into life long friendships.

A cruise to Alaska will allow you to meet people who are having fun in Alaska just like you will be. If you traveled by say motorcycle you would meet a few people but generally not as many as on a cruise line and the friendship would be more casual as you would have only a few minutes to talk to people as opposed to 7 days with a week long cruise to Alaska.

A cruise to Alaska is a great way to be able to snap a lot of photographs. You can simply sit on the deck of the ship in a lounge chair and catch some images of majestic scenery, all with out moving your butt. At each pot of call you stop at you can find tons of things to photograph while walking around.

There are many ways to cruise Alaska but one of the most popular cruise lines in Alaska is Holland America. With Holland America as well as all other cruise liners in Alaska it is recommended you go on at least a 7 day cruise. If you leave out of Vancouver and finish somewhere else then you will not be backtracking and can see more ports of Calls. If you start is and end in the same place then you will not see as much. A three day cruise is way too short. You seriously need to go on an Alaskan cruise for at least 7 days, preferably longer.