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FishCo HD is a casual time management game for the iPad released by Big Fish. In FishCo HD, you are in charge of an aquarium and you’ll have to buy and breed fishes, take care of them, and eventually sell them for a profit. There are a total of 40 levels, 20 freshwater fish, 12 plants and 5 different tanks in the full version. FishCo HD is free to download and play for the first 10 levels, after that you can choose to pay $1.99 to unlock the rest of the game. The free version also lets you get up to 6 different fish, 4 plants and 3 tanks.


FishCo HD has three modes of play – timed, untimed, and sandbox.

In timed mode, you are given a set of objectives every level and you have to complete the objectives within a time limit. For example, you could be asked to buy certain plants, sell a number of fish, breed a certain type of fish or make an amount of money.

By completing the objectives within a time limit, you then advance to the next level. If you complete the objectives within the expert timing, you will receive gifts such as new plants which you can use in your tank.

In untimed mode, you are given the same objectives but you can play at your own pace.

Sandbox lets you customize your tank any way you want with the fish, plants, and decorations you’ve already unlocked.

fishco hd level objectives

Taking care of your fish

Fish can be obtained by buying eggs or breeding. If you put an adult male and an adult female fish in a breeding tank, you can get up to two new fish for free.

Different fish have to be fed different food such as flake, brine shrimp, blood worm, and pellet. You’ll also have to take care not to put incompatible fish in the same tank, or the smaller fish will get eaten up.

To keep fish healthy, the tank needs to be clean. You’ll find yourself scrubbing algae off the tank or changing water from time to time. If your fish get sick due to a dirty tank, you’ll need to give them medication.

Once your fish grow to adult size, you can sell them or put them in the breeding tank for more fish depending on the level’s objectives. Fish that are healthy and happy can sell for more. You can increase fish happiness by putting certain plants in your aquarium.

Plants can also reduce the dirtiness of the tank, so you won’t have to do water changes so frequently.

What was in the free version of FishCo HD

The free version of FishCo HD was fairly simple with the first few levels introducing the player to the basic functions of the game. It gets a little harder to make the expert timing after that as you’ll find yourself trying to do many things at the same time. However, I found it almost impossible to fail a level if you are paying any attention to the game.


Overall, FishCo HD is a simple iPad game suited for casual play or perhaps a younger audience. Personally, I felt it was a little too easy – I got through the first 10 levels within 45 minutes. If you are looking for games that are a little more challenging, I highly recommend Pixel People by Chillingo or Battle Cats by Ponos Corp.


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