We know about the wonderful benefits of fish oil for humans, but did you know that your dog can benefit from this oil? Fish oil has become popular for people to give their dogs and for good reasons. As dogs get older, their chances of inflammation and arthritis increase so if you put a little fish oil in their dog food, you’re helping the poodle reduce arthritis in his joints. In addition, this oil helps dogs reduce hair loss and  is good for skin improvement.

Your dog suffers from allergies throughout the year and this makes it difficult for him to enjoy the outdoors and bond with his fellow friends at the dog park. If you give your dog some fish oil on a daily basis, this reduces his chances of developing annoying allergies, especially during spring and summer. You can also purchase dog food that has fish oil in it so your dog can have a daily intake of it.

If you’re buying dog food with this oil in it, research different brands to determine which ones are the best. Ask your veterinarian which brand he recommends for your dog’s needs and read reviews of dog food brands that have fish oil in the products. You want to choose dog food that has a lot of EPA and DHA in the oil because these are the main ingredients in fish oil. Also talk with other dog owners who purchase this oil-infused dog food.

Fish oil is also great for your dog’s cardiovascular health. The fatty acids in the oil reduce bad cholesterol and this decreases the dog’s chances of heart failure and other cardiovascular problems. It also helps your dog’s blood vessels stabilize, leading to better circulation.

If you’re wondering what the right dosage of fish oil is for dogs, keep in mind that this depends on the breed of dog and his specific health problems. You should meet with the veterinarian to discuss the right dosage for your dog and it’s also important to read the fish oil supplements dosage information.

A common misconception about fish oil for dogs is that the dogs will get fatter because of high fat contentl. However, there haven’t been any real scientific studies to prove this and in fact fish oil doesn’t have a lot of calories. This is why fish is a healthy food to give your dogs if you want them to get a frequent intake of fish oil.

In conclusion, dogs and humans need Omega 3 fatty acids for health improvement and fish oil is the best way to get these acids. Fish oil can be found in supplements and dog food so you’ll be able to give your dog the best care possible without spending a lot of money.

Fish Oil Benefits For Cats


It’s been proven through medical research that fish oil has amazing benefits for dogs but there are also fish oil benefits for cats.  Like some humans, cats have to deal with very dry and flaky skin which makes the cats feel irritated. Some cat owners give excessive baths to the cats and this is another reason why cats develop dry skin. Omega 3 fatty acids are known for their ability to heal skin problems and this is why fish oil works well for cats.  Consider purchasing cat food that has this oil in.

Older cats, like older dogs, suffer from arthritis and bone problems and fish oil supplements can rejuvenate their joints and reduce the pain of arthritis in cats. Studies have shown that cats who get a dose of these oils show improved arthritis conditions. Ask your veterinarian for suggestions on choosing the best cat food that has built-in fish oil. Read pet magazine articles on  oil brands designed for cats.

Fish oil can also reduce the risk of heart disease and it also lowers cats’ blood pressure. Cats’ cardiovascular health is important and daily doses of fish oil help the cat’s heart become healthy. If you’re unsure of what brand of  oil to get for your cat’s heart health, talk with the veterinarian to find out which brand to get.

When you give cats fish oil, be careful to not give the cat too much as this causes damage to the cat’s body. You can ensure that the cat gets the right dosage, put a little liquid fish oil in the cat food. If your cat has certain medical conditions, you may want to increase the dosage but consult with the veterinarian first.

Cats need the purest fish oil possible and the best way to get the pure fish oil is to choose one that has been molecularly distilled. This means that the toxins and metals were separated from the oil. Also look for fish oil that has equal amounts of EPA and DHA in it because these are the main ingredients that make fish oil effective. If the fish oil smells like fish, then it’s not a good brand for the cat. It should have a nutral and bland smell to it.

It’s possible to fix homemade cat food with some fish oil if you want to save money and if you’re concerned about the ingredients that are in pre-packaged cat foods. You can find recipes on homemade cat food online and in pet supply stores. And the ingredients for this recipe can be found at most supermarkets. Bring the recipes and your cat’s diet plan to the veterinarian so he can see if you need to adjust the recipes.  Many pet owners are taking it upon themselves to make homemade pet food.  Doing so gives you more control over what your pet eats, which is important as many pet food companies are using suspect ingredients.  It also gives provides your pet with fresher and more nutricious food.  Consider looking up  a few recipes online, your furry friend will thank you for it!