What is fish oil? What are the fish oil benefits? It is oil which is extracted from the flesh of fish and used in various medicines and cosmetic products. It is considered very healthy for you and your body. The oil from fish is extracted and bottled up for various uses.

You get various kinds of fish oil, which is made from various kids of fish like cod, salmon, tuna, mackerel and many more. This oil is consumed along with other food products like salads and in normal cooking. This oil is also used in many beauty products where it is applied externally to the skin. We shall see the various benefits of using fish oil, either taken orally or applied externally.

The most commonly known fish oil benefits are to the heart. Many doctors recommend the intake of fish oil capsules daily to thin the blood. Fish oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids which area good category of fats. These will replace the harmful fats inside your body and hence thin the blood.

The blood will flow faster in your body and hence will prevent a heart attack or high and low blood pressure. People having a history of sudden deaths due to cardiac arrest in their family can consume fish oil capsules daily. It allows the smooth functioning and rhythm of the heart muscles and hence blood pumping is done well.

When you get hurt and get an inflammation, fish oil will help reduce the swelling. Any other kind of internal swelling of organs can also be reduced by taking medicines whose main ingredient is fish oil.

This is one of the most important fish oil benefits and is used by many doctors world wide. The inflammation is reduced again because of the Omega 3 fatty acids which are present in fish oil. When the inflammation decreases diseases due to inflammation will also decrease.

Diseases like Alzheimer's, psoriasis can be causes due to swelling of the skin. This reduces drastically.

Due to age many people face bone and joint pains. These pains can cause a person to get tied to a chair or even the bed. These pains take the formation of diseases like Arthritis and other illnesses which cause stiffness in the bones when you wake up in the morning.

Fish oil benefits have extended to the bones as well. Fish oil when consumed on a daily basis by people who face joint problems will see fantastic results soon. Fish oil will act as a lubricant for these joints and return the lost smooth functioning. The friction between bones in the joints will reduce and hence cause very less pain.

The fish oil benefits can be counted on by dermatologist and skin care experts as well. When you complain of wrinkles and dark spots on the skin due to age, you will be guided to the world of fish oil products. These products are made from fish oil which is known to have wonderful effects on your skin when you see the first signs of ageing.

Again the Omega 3 fatty acids are the ones to be thanked and they are the ones which reduce the ageing effect on your skin. They revitalize the cells of your skin and hence bring back the lost luster and glow. Skin cells stop deteriorating and hence stay young always.

Muscular degradation or degeneration happens due to age. Fish oil supplements taken everyday will reduce this and hence help you look younger from inside and not just skin. A fish oil benefit towards reducing the age effects on eyes is also a major benefit. Your retina tends to shrink with age due to muscles degenerating. You can start losing eye sight when you age increases.

When fish oil capsules are take by people this rate at which your eye start losing sight can be reduced to half and hence keep you without spectacles for a long time.

Fish oil benefits are plenty and are seen even on expecting women. Pregnant women should have 900 mg of fish oil everyday and there are several benefits from it. Women when carrying a bay tend to lose calcium and the lubrication in their joints.

They are developing a baby inside them and hence require extra nourishment and supplements to fulfill the baby's needs. Fish oil is known to benefit the baby inside the womb as well with increase its intelligence, heart structure and strength, skin and many more other aspects. The baby and mother eyesight improves as well.

Many mental diseases like depression, Alzheimer's and other such diseases are treated by fish oil as well. The Omega 3 fatty acids are known to reduce the stress on the brain due to physical disorders and hence reduce the mental problems as well. Fish oil benefits could also be to the brain when you are facing several metal health issues. The nervous system functions properly when fish oil is consumed regularly and hence the blood circulation is smooth in the brain.

There are many more fish oil benefits which cannot be mentioned all in one article. When you search over the internet for various benefits from consuming fish oil daily you will get a whole list of recommendations and dosages. The Omega 3 acids which are available in abundance in the fish oil are what do the trick for all your health related issues.

You could speak to your physician or a nutritionist for in detail information of how fish oil will benefit you and your loved ones. The doctor will also give you and you're near ones a recommended dosage chart of who should take how much dosage of fish oil.

All age groups cannot take the same quantity daily. Children will have a reduced quantity whereas adults an increased one. Senior citizens will take in fish oil through other methods like through capsules or a tonic where as children get pediatric issued syrups with fish oil in it.

Fish oil benefits will be seen and experienced only after using the oil for your self so make sure you find yourself the best fish oil supplement available.