Fish oil can be consumed from bottles but that could get messy, however the most commonly used way to take fish oil are the fish oil capsules. These capsules are made by a number of large companies which use oil extracted from fish like mackerel, cod, shark and many others.

We shall see in this article the various things to note when you are going to consume capsules made of fish oil. Also after you finish reading this article you will get complete information on what these capsules are made off and what could be the advantages and disadvantages of using them. You will get to know how to store the capsules as well.

To start with let us see the sources of fish that are used in making the fish oil capsules. When you are going to buy a certain brand of these capsules you should see where the company is located and where they get their share of fish. If the company gets fish from fishing areas where the sea is highly polluted then the fish oil can be contaminated and contain highly poisonous toxins. Make sure you are not eating contaminated fish oil tablets. The sources can easily be known from the company's websites or some information giving firms.

The second point to note is which fish has been used in making the fish oil capsules. Fish like cod, shark, and mackerel are used in making the oil. Some people have a natural allergy towards certain kinds of fish. It has been seen that people even have allergies towards salmon, such a common fish. If you consume capsules which are made of the oil from the allergic fish then you may fall into trouble. Check for the fish making the capsules.

The third and important point to note is the grades of purification that the fish oil capsules making company uses. The purification process has to be of the top most grades and only then these capsules will be considered beneficial to the body.

Making capsules from fish oil is not governed very well by authorities and you may get a lot of local capsules which may be cheap. These capsules should be purified and made with machines and not hands. Any kind of human touch will make them impure.

The fourth point to note is the quantity of DHA and EPA which is used in making the fish oil capsules. Both DHA and EPA are recommended for a healthy body but in the right quantities. The right quantities of EPA should be taken through these capsules.

The DHA quantity can vary as the DHA that is consumed gets converted to EPA but vice versa is not possible. The quantity of other ingredients inside these capsules can vary and are not required as well, but the right quantity of DHA and EPA should be noted before buying any new brand of the capsules made from fish oil.

The last and final point to make note of is the price of the fish oil capsules. When the brand name is big the prices at which these capsules are sold are also high. Do not fall for the very expensive capsules. Sometime the not so well known brands have the right category of capsules for you. These are inexpensive but not bad in quality.

The best way to know which brand is the best is by asking an expert like a doctor or dietician. You can also speak to the druggist and he knows which brand is recommended by doctors the most. The very expensive capsules can have the same ingredients like the not so expensive ones.

The fish oil capsules which are sold commonly are made from gelatin. These are called soft gel capsules. The gelatin used in making the soft gel capsules is derived from a product called collagen. This collagen is made from animal tissues and flesh. Some of the soft gel capsules are vegetarian and contain no animal fat in them. These soft gel capsules are very secure and can store the fish oil very well. However these should not be handled with hands for a long time. If that happens they may tend to take in finger marks and dirt from your hands can get transferred and stick to the capsules.

Some doctors recommend that instead of consuming fish oil capsules, one can take daily dosage of fish oil in the liquid form. This will give the correct quantity of omega 3 fatty acids to your body and help you get a good health. However when you consume the soft gel capsules you can protect the fish oil from light and UV light. These capsules will keep the ingredients along with the fish oil very well and prevent spilling and formation of free radicals.

These soft gel capsules can only spill the fish oil if they are pierced into with a needle or cut with a knife. The liquid oil is tasteless and can cause nausea due to the fishy smell. You can buy floured oil but that too is quite bad to smell. The capsules have no smell and hence can be swallowed fast with some water. They will disintegrate inside your stomach and the blood with dissolve the fish oil.

The soft gel fish oil capsules are a little costlier than the bottles of fish oil but they are the most convenient way of consuming the oil. You can carry a pack of these capsules with you when travelling but taking a bottle of the liquid when travelling will be difficult. The only thing which needs to be followed when you carry the soft gel capsules in your purse when travelling is that they do not get exposed to the sun.

Exposing them to the sun can melt them and harm the fish oil inside the capsules. The oil can turn bad and then create bad effects when you consume them. Hence when consuming fish oil capsules make sure you take this care and store them in a cool dark place.