Dealing with adult acne isn't fun, as is dealing with all acne. Using some natural supplements will help manage your acne and improve your overall skin care. Some supplements have fast results, ranging from a couple weeks, while others take a little bit more time. A nice way to help get clear skin is by consuming fish oil, which contains Omega-3

Things You Will Need

1.) Fish oil supplements.

Step 1

We all know that oil is bad for your body and that it will not help your skin complexion. Not all oil is bad. Omega-3, fond in fish oil, actually helps your skin look clear and healthy. The way it works is that the oil has anti-bacterial properties as well as some anti-inflammatory effects. This is essentially a two for one deal in a single pill. There is a difference in types of fish oil capsules. There are two types of fish oil capsules, hard and soft capsules. The problem with some soft capsules is that after continual use, you may start to smell like a fish. This is because the digestion isn't kept in one particular area. A hard capsule fish oil will only digest where it is meant and it will keep the fish oil in your body, not on it.

Step 2

Flaxseed oil is another great way to get your daily dose of omega-3 oil. You could put a little bit of flax seed oil in a fruit smoothie or take it in capsule form also. You do not have to worry about whether or not you take flaxseed capsules with the fish oil ones, they both contain omega-3.

Step 3

It will usually take a few months for the fish oil and/or flax seed oil to take effect. By making sure you take your dose daily, the oil will do the job and you will have clearer skin and better overall health. To maximize your efficiency, take a fish oil capsule supplemented by a flaxseed capsule. Be sure to not take too much of either though and consult a physician. Staying healthy can be easy as long as you are determined to be healthy. Getting rid of acne is annoying but skin care can be easy if you take the right supplements. Fish oil is a slow, but successful acne prevention in pill form. Eating fish works too, but not everyone is a seafood fanatic.

Tips & Warnings