Fish oil benefits include improvement of memory, weight loss, and treatment of arthritis. However it’s possible to get too much fish oil in your system and this defeats the purpose of having an intake of fish oil. When you purchase fish oil supplements, look at the instructions on the bottle to see how many you should take per day. Also read articles on this topic to get an idea of what the correct dosage of fish oil is to avoid health problems from an overdose of the supplements.

If you’re thinking about giving these supplements to children meet with your child’s pediatrician to discuss the proper dosage levels for your child. Some stores sell fish oil supplements that’s designed for children so they can get the right dosage. Children are still developing physically and mentally and while the oil helps their brains, you don’t want to give them too much.

If you have cardiovascular problems, you’ll need to take a dosage of at least eight milligrams in order for the fish oil to be efficient for your health. This is also a good dosage for those who recently suffered a stroke and who want to improve their health. If you have diabetes or kidney disease, you may not want to take a very high dosage because it could harm your body.

Fish oil has health benefits for pregnant women because it helps the fetus develop properly and ensures a healthy delivery. But because pregnant women shouldn’t eat fish because of the mercury and other toxins that may be in canned fish, they should take these supplements.  However, pregnant women should also limit their dosage of fish oil supplements.

If you’re allergic to fish oil supplements, you can get your fish oil dosage by eating fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and trout. If you’re wondering how much fatty fish you should eat on a regular basis, visit the USDA’s website because they have information on how much fish you need in order to stay healthy.

Finally, whether you take fish oil supplements or eat fatty fish, you should take fish oil in moderation so you won’t damage the body due to an overdose. Talk with your doctor if have a serious medical condition before you take fish oil because it may not be safe no matter how small the dosage is.

 When To Take Fish Oil

In reality, anytime is a good time to take fish oil but there are specific times when you should start taking fish oil for better health. If you’re a teenager, you may not think you need to worry about fish oil supplements but if you take supplements now, you’ll improve your health as you get older. I’m in my 30s and I wished I had listened to my mother when she told me to take fish oil and now I don’t always have the energy I’m supposed to have. Fish oil helps your memory, improves your heart health, and it prevents arthritis.

If you suffered a minor injury in your joints, you should take fish oil as soon as possible because it relieves joint pain and bone-related illnesses. Fish oil builds your bone and tissues and it helps in your recovery after the injury. You should ask your doctor what the right dosage is for people who are recovering from minor injuries. Prescription drugs for joint pain are not always effective for everyone and some people prefer a natural way to heal from injuries.

If you’re over 50 you should start taking fish oil supplements because as you get older your heart and brain’s functions weaken over time. Medical studies have shown that older adults who take daily doses of fish oil increase their ability to retain memory, and researchers have proven that fish oil is good for reducing the bad cholesterol in your body. Your brain and heart are essential components of the body and as an older person you want to keep these as healthy as possible.

When you find out you’re pregnant you should take this oil because it helps you deliver a healthy baby and fish oil can also contribute to the baby’s brain development. Other medical studies mention that fish oil helps newborns fend off colds. Pregnant women shouldn’t get the  oil directly from  fish because a lot of fish has traces of mercury. Instead they should take the oil  in supplement form.

If you’re struggling with mild depression, this is the time to take fish oil supplements because it increases serotonin levels in your brain. Serotonin is the hormone in your brain that’s responsible for producing happy emotions. Fish oil is a cost-effective way to relieve depression and you don’t have the negative side effects as pain killers.

Fish oil supplements should be taken as early in life as possible to reduce various symptoms or prevent certain illnesses. The oil serves multiple purposes and you can find it at just about any store. Whats more is that it doesn’t come with bad side effects and it’s also affordable to buy.


 Fish Oil Has Been Proven To Aid In The Following Ailments:



One main benefit of fish oil is that it has anti-inflammatory qualities, which works well for those with chronic pain and other joint-related diseases. My grandmother struggles with arthritis and my mom suggested that she use fish oil supplements to help with the constant pain. Another benefit of using fish oil for arthritis is that it’s not addictive unlike many painkillers. For pregnant women, taking these oil supplements can help them have a safe delivery of the baby.

Your Heart

If you struggle with cardiovascular problems or high blood pressure, fish oil can reduce your blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attacks. It also lowers the bad cholesterol in your body. If you’re unable to take these supplements, eat fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and trout for heart health. This oil is also beneficial in weight management.

Depression Relief

Recent medical studies have shown that fish oil can treat depression symptoms and that it helps improve your memory. The EPA that’s in fish oil particularly plays an important role in mental health and this is why many doctors recommend fish oil supplements for older persons and younger persons too. My next-door neighbor gives fish oil pills to her teenage sons so they can concentrate better in class.


For diabetics, there is good news for you. Fish oil can treat diabetes-related illnesses and this is a good supplement to your healthy eating and exercise routine. Before you start taking it, talk with your doctor to see if he would be okay with it.