Fish oil caps

fish oil caps

Fish Oil Product Review For Dogs

Fish oil supplements are the new product in the market and every pet owner is so excited about this product.

You and I know how expensive it is visiting your vet month after month. It hurts and can get you thinking that your favorite pet or dog is a burden. That is where fish oil products come in, to give your dog better lifestyle free of arthritis, pain and skin related conditions.

And that can only happen if you give her the fish oil supplement, just as they have tremendous benefits to humans, they also play a vital role in your dog's health.

Is fish oil supplements right for your pet?

By now, you know the benefits of supplement and you have also heard stories from people who have had success with this product. But is fish oil supplement right for your pet or dog? Or is it another product that does not deliver on its promise? That is what I want to tell you in this review.

#1: Cut down your heath budget annually

For years I have tried different product suggested  to me by vets, all of them worked, but the problem was that most were expensive and had side effects to my dogs.

A friend came to me and suggested that I try supplements, especially fish oil products for my dogs. One thing that he told me is that this product had made him cut the annual health budgets for his pets.

With these products you are going to save  lots of money because it’s going to nourish the body of your pet.

#2: Makes your dog’s skin look smooth, bright and shiny

 My nutritionist opted that I use fish oil supplement to treat my dogs.  I used the product to treat my Doberman and saw many changes on her coat. The coat on my dog’s skin looked smooth, bright and shines when you could see if from a distance. It is a wonderful product for making your dog’s coat look beautifully.

Within a few weeks of using the products I did not see the much shedding that my dog had. This is something that my dog used to have.

#3: Improves your pet’s immune system

Ever seen an aging dog? They way it walks, looks and they way it is always inactive? Imagine if you had a dog like that.

With fish oil medication you are able to improve the immune system for your dog and even slow down the aging process.

By giving her the fish oil supplement, it is like you are restoring the better health condition that your dog used to have the first time you bought it.

This product will be ideal for you if you know how frustrating it is to see a sick dog that does not even eat.

#4: Cures a pet’s allergies

Do you have a dog or a pet that gets frequent allergies? And you have tried different product, but all of them promise a short-term result? Making you think your dog allergic condition is permanent or it is what your vet told you?

If you are going to invest in the fish oil product, the allergic condition is going to cut. And within the first few weeks of using the product you will never see your dog itching.

Allergies are a bit stressful for the dog, and fish oil supplement will make you forget that it has this condition

Favorite dog
Credit: By Noël Zia Lee (Love) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The down side of fish oil supplement

It would be impossible for us to talk about the benefits of a good product without talking about their shortcoming?

Then this would not be a review, every product must have a downside.

Now before you begin to use this product, make sure that you consult your vet for the dosage. That is how much your dog is going to take whether it is a small dog or a big dog.

#1: Excess use of fish oil deplete the dog of vitamin E

The only problem I see with this product is that it cut down vitamin E in the pet’s body.

When you are giving your dog some fish oil supplement make sure that you give it also Vitamin E capsules. Too much of fish oil supplement deplete the dog of Vitamin E.

Lack of Vitamin E makes your dog experience:

  • Severe pain
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle weakness
  • Leg and feet swelling

If you are going to give your dog too much of fish oil, the fish's body will use a lot of vitamin E in the process

If you compare the digestion process of the dogs and human, dogs take a long time to digest food in their body than human. So overdosing Omega 3 or going beyond the vet's recommendation will make your dog have some digestion problems.

It will be very wise if you read this more information before you buy the fish oil product for your dog. I say this because I care more about the safety of your dog. I understand that helping your puppy is like am also helping my puppy.

Proof of success

If you decide to buy this product, you will begin to see result after 3 weeks.

Currently we have some customers who have seen their dog’s health conditions change as a results of using this product.

The following customers’ testimonials made me change my thoughts about giving fish oil supplement to pets. I am sorry to say that initially I thought it is for human consumptions.

A lot of dog owners were happy the way it has helped their dogs and even pets. So with these testimonials I opted to try out for myself, although I had to do more research about it before I make a buying decision.


My last thought about the product

It seems that fish oil product works best for humans and not animals, because of the side effects.

 Based on my opinion, I would rather buy fish that is rich in Omega 3 and feed my dog. The kind of fish that am talking about are: Sardines, Salmon, Mackerel, black rod, herring, anchovies and albacore tuna.

 This whole supplement stuff is good for general health, but they will need a bit of research, it is not something that you can just settle with a first and second opinion.

 For all dog owners, before you buy this supplement do a bit of your own personal research and check if it is the right product.

 I hope this article gave out enough information about fish oil supplements.