Fish oil and fat loss

Fish oil supplements have become a popular choice with those looking to lose body fat. It's a great product to use with a thermogenic product or on its own. Fish oil almost seems like a magical compound, too good to be true. It helps with so many things, now it helps with fat loss too? Well, many people wonder if it actually does that or if its just a supplement company making another claim to sell a product. Well, there are studies that prove that fish oil does help reduce body fat. Below are a few of them.


The studies

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study on the effects of aerobic exercise plus fish oil supplementation. It was a 12 week study with overweight adults. The participants did aerobic activity 3 days per week and supplementing with fish oil on a daily basis. Most of the participants did have other health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and insulin resistance. This group was compared to other groups taking fish oil with no exercise, sunflower oil, and sunflower oil with no exercise.

The researchers concluded that the total amount of fat in the group that took fish oil and exercised, specifically in the abdominal region, was reduced. This was not the case with the other groups.

Blood pressure did drop with the group that took fish oil alone. The decreases were better, however, in the fish oil and exercise group.

The researchers, Alison Hill, Jonathan Buckley, Karen Murphy and Peter Howe, suggested that omega 3s or fish oil can protect blood vessel walls by improving their elasticity and increasing their endothelial dilation, allowing for better delivery of nutrients to muscles, especially when exercising.


There are other studies that say similar things, the groups that took fish oil had more fat loss than the other groups. Researchers think there are various reasons why fish oil helps with fat loss. One reason is that fish oil lowers the resting heart rate, making it harder for people to get to their target heart rate during exercise, which in turn makes them work harder. One more possible explanation is that DHA, one of the two fatty acids in fish oil, has been shown to destroy potential fat cells before they get a chance to become full fledged fat cells. If I remember correctly it's called pre-adipocyte death.


How much fish oil should you take for fat loss?

Most experts recommend at least 3 to 5 grams of fish oil per day. It's probably better to split the dosages up throughout the day. Also take your fish oil supplements with food to make sure your body does use it for fuel. If you notice that taking so much fish oil it makes you have a fishy aftertaste or those fishy burps, put your fish oil in the fridge or the freezer. That should eliminate that problem.